Nigeria: Arrest of PACOR Members during a Protest Rally at the U.S. Embassy



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Arrest of PACOR members earlier this morning by the Nigeria Police Force, Bar Beach Station, Victoria Island and the flaunt of imperialism!


Statement of Ifa-Maberu, Convener of the Pan-Afrikan Consciousness Renaissance, 23 August 2018




On behalf of the Pan-Afrikan Consciousness Renaissance we desire to express our comradely gratitude to comrades who took out time to join in the campaign for the release of three members of our movement who were hauled off to the Bar Beach Police Station earlier this morning for organizing a Reparation March.


Reports have it that the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Imohimi Edgal and the D.P.O of the Bar Beach Police Station, Mr. I.O Lawal, were concurrently assaulted with phone calls from comrades after the news broke out on the Facebook page of Barrister Ayo Ademiluyi. Initially, the comrades that were arrested, Comrades Azezez, Chuks and Ifa-Maberu were at the verge of submitting the petition for the March at the U.S.A embassy when the D.P.O, who must have been alerted by the security officials of the embassy arrived and whisked the comrades into a police van. The subsequent discussions and the eventual detainment of the comrades exposed that the D.P.O was acting on an order from the top. More so, he subliminally admitted that he got a call from Abuja. In the conversation had with the D.O.P prior to the detainment of the comrades, he said openly that the U.S.A consulate and other consulates around Walter Carrington axis are embodiment of another country inside Nigeria.


This remark was made in response to our letter of notification addressed and also acknowledged by the office of C.P, Lagos State. It would appear that the D.P.O operates under another jurisdiction outside that of the Lagos State because of the foreign offices around the axis. The D.P.O in fact, naively stated that in Victoria Island they do not tolerate us (activists) anyhow, more so that Victoria Island is a different entity entirely. But the attitude of the D.P.O became more despotic and crassly when he began to assert that we do not have to disturb the "peace" of the White people working in the consulates by demanding for reparation. According to the D.P.O, in the stead of a Reparation March we ought to have organized a thank-you rally for the White people supposedly working for the good of Nigeria in the consulates.


For us as a pan-Afrikan revolutionary movement, we think that a mindset of this nature despite its backwardness is a flagrant reflection of the mindset of millions of the masses of Black people. Hence, the essentiality of reparation, which is significantly on self-repair. For analogy sake, with the corrosiveness of the mindset of this D.P.O, should a situation demands the shooting of either a Black man or a White man in a two-choice game, we strongly believe that the Black man has no chance.


To further expose the class oriented tendency of the Bar Beach Police Station, Comrade Ifa-Maberu discovered that three of the inmates he shared cell with had been locked up for no concrete offenses. Of a special case is a guy who is being locked up on behalf of an affluent fellow who got a wrong "Baba Ijebu" secret number from the guy being locked up. The guy being locked up had been beaten up by this affluent fellow and his men, so much so that he was still bleeding.


The bottom line eventually is that we could not hold our demonstration. It is against this background that we are now planning for a Press Statement and we would want other interested organizations to join us in this intervention.


The excesses of the foreign consulates, embassies in this country have got to be checkedmated. We have no illusion whatsoever that the deliberate disruption of our intended demonstration was ordered by the U.S.A consulate office in collaboration with perhaps other offices and the D.P.O was their errand boy. And for us, that clearly illuminates the modus operandi of imperialism. And ultimately this explain why for us as a revolutionary movement we uphold to the struggle of a two-fronts at the same time. The struggle against the local bourgeoisie and their foreign financiers, the imperialists.


We are not going to be wavered by today's outcome. We are calling on other movements to join us in our pre-press statement organizing committee to share ideas on the necessary approaches and methods that have to be applied in ensuring the successfulness of our agitation on reparations, struggle against the excess of the foreign consulate offices, embassies, indifference attitude of the Nigeria's ministry of foreign affairs to these realities. The ministry of foreign affairs must tell us why it is possible to have an embassy-country within the geographical framework of Nigeria. Whilst protests are being held in U.K, U.S.A, Dutch embassies, etc. across the globe, it seems to be a taboo in the neo-colonial country - Nigeria.