DRC: Down with High Prices in Public Transport!


Report (with Videos) from the Courant des Jeunes Penseurs Congolais (Democratic Republic of Congo), 20 May 2019




On Monday, the 8 May 2019, Courant des Jeunes Penseurs Congolais (Democratic Republic of Congo) hold a rally at the city hall in Kinshasa, the country’s capital city. At the end we handed over to the urban authority of the city of Kinshasa a memorandum with a set of demands


The purpose of this memo was to demand from the city governor to take urgent measures to regulate prices and routes in the public transport sector. Currently public transport suffers from high prices and badly repaired streets.


Cogito DRC promises to continue this struggle until the situation has improved for public transport users.


Below are two video clips from a speech of a COGITO leader at the rally.