An Exchange of Letters with the FLTI


Below we republish an exchange of letters with the FLTI (International Leninist Trotskyist Fraction). This is an international organization with its center in Argentina. The background of this exchange of letters is the vile public accusation of their central leader Carlos Munzer that some ex-members, who recently broke with the FLTI, would be "police agents". He has not provided any evidence for this very serious accusation. The RCIT has called the FLTI leadership to either produce any evidence for this or to withdraw this accusation. (See the statements here)


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Letter from the RCIT to the FLTI (30.6.2020)


Dear comrades of the Collective for the Refoundation of the Fourth International / International Leninist Trotskyist Fraction,




We did receive your letter from June 26 2020 which is entitled “With amalgams and the worst methods inherited from Stalinism, Reactionary anti-Marxist forces attack the revolutionaries from behind. An infamous slander that will not go unpunished“. In response we would like to clarify the essential issues in order to avoid any misunderstanding.


1) We did defend comrade Carlos Munzer and other comrades of the FLTI in the past, we do so today and we will do so in the future. It is a principle of Trotskyists to defend workers militants and socialists against attacks by the bourgeois state.


2) Likewise, we defend workers militants and socialists against slander. Calling such comrades (like those of CEP) as “police agents” without any proof is a Stalinist method and political crime. Such slander must be either withdrawn or substantiated. If necessary, an international moral tribunal must be set up in order to judge on such accusations.


3) While we defend comrade Carlos Munzer and other comrades of the FLTI against state repression, this does not mean that they are sacrosanct and can not be criticised irrespective of which mistakes they are doing. As you will know, this was an argument often used by the Moscow bureaucracy. They attacked the Trotskyists for criticizing the Stalinists, claiming that this would be a betrayal when the Stalinists gave so many scarifies in the struggle against fascism (or other bourgeois regimes). While it was true that thousands of Stalinists lost their lives in the struggle against fascism, it is also true that the Stalinist leadership committed many political crimes against the working class. It was the political responsibility of Trotskyists to denounce the failures of Stalinism. Today, Trotskyists have also the responsibility to criticise political failures and to refuse slander – even if such is committed by someone who faces legal charges by the bourgeois state.


4) In conclusion, we emphasize that we continue to defend comrade Carlos Munzer and other comrades of the FLTI against state repression. Likewise, we defend the comrades of CEP against the slander of Munzer that they would be “police agents”. We repeat, comrade Munzer and the FLTI leadership must either withdraw or substantiate this vile accusation.




Revolutionary Greetings,


International Bureau of the RCIT




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Carta de la RCIT al FLTI (30.6.2020)


Estimados camaradas del Colectivo por la Refundación de la Cuarta Internacional/Fracción Trotskista Leninista Internacional,


Recibimos su carta del 26 de junio de 2020 titulada “Con las amalgamas y los peores métodos heredados del estalinismo, las fuerzas reaccionarias antimarxistas atacan a los revolucionarios por la espalda. Una infame calumnia que no quedará impune”. En respuesta, nos gustaría aclarar los problemas esenciales para evitar cualquier malentendido.


1) Defendimos al compañero Carlos Munzer y otros camaradas de la FLTI en el pasado, lo hacemos hoy y lo haremos en el futuro. Es un principio de los trotskistas defender a los trabajadores militantes y socialistas contra los ataques del estado burgués.


2) Del mismo modo, defendemos a los trabajadores militantes y socialistas contra la calumnia. Llamar a tales camaradas (como los del CEP) como "agentes de policía" sin ninguna prueba es un método estalinista y un crimen político. Dicha calumnia debe ser retirada o justificada. Si es necesario, se debe establecer un tribunal moral internacional para juzgar esas acusaciones.


3) Si bien defendemos al camarada Carlos Munzer y a otros camaradas de la FLTI contra la represión estatal, esto no significa que sean sacrosantos y no puedan ser criticados independientemente de los errores que estén cometiendo. Como sabrán, este fue un argumento utilizado a menudo por la burocracia de Moscú. Atacaron a los trotskistas por criticar a los estalinistas, alegando que esto sería una traición cuando los estalinistas dieron tantas escarificaciones en la lucha contra el fascismo (u otros regímenes burgueses). Si bien era cierto que miles de estalinistas perdieron la vida en la lucha contra el fascismo, también es cierto que el liderazgo estalinista cometió muchos crímenes políticos contra la clase trabajadora. Era responsabilidad política de los trotskistas denunciar los fracasos del estalinismo. Hoy, los trotskistas también tienen la responsabilidad de criticar los fracasos políticos y rechazar la calumnia, incluso si tal es cometido por alguien que enfrenta cargos legales por parte del estado burgués.


4) En conclusión, enfatizamos que continuamos defendiendo al camarada Carlos Munzer y otros camaradas de la FLTI contra la represión estatal. Asimismo, defendemos a los camaradas del CEP contra la calumnia de Munzer de que sean "agentes de la policía". Repetimos, el camarada Munzer y la dirección del FLTI deben retirar o justificar esta vil acusación.




Saludos revolucionarios,


Buró Internacional de la CCRI/RCIT




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Letter from the FLTI to the RCIT (26.6.2020)


June 26 2020


With amalgams and the worst methods inherited from Stalinism,


Reactionary anti-Marxist forces attack the revolutionaries from behind


An infamous slander that will not go unpunished




To the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT):


We are forwarding to you the campaign against the attack of the bourgeois state with which the leadership of the FLTI has been persecuted since 2012. Some of the members of our leadership, such as Carlos Munzer, have a sentence to a prison term that is temporarily suspended. Last November, the first court hearing was held for an oral and public trial where he has been charged with "illicit association". Of course this is a persecution for the solidarity and participation that we Trotskyists have had in the most advanced processes of the international class struggle and in particular with the Leon Sedov Brigade and our unconditional political, programmatic and economic collaboration with their fighting and that of the whole Syrian resistance.


We are forwarding to you the statement that we made at that time, to which you adhered.


With the deepening of the attack by the bourgeois state, we will redouble this international campaign. We know that this is part of the persecution of the bourgeois regimes and states against the workers and popular fighters at the international level. In Argentina, this is the case of Sebastian Romero or Daniel Ruiz, of the former drivers of the East Bus Line that are in house arrest, of the thousands of accused such as Alejandro Villarruel, a worker at the Río Santiago Shipyard, or of comrades oil workers from Las Heras, who have a life sentence looming on their heads.


The coincidence is that this occurs at a time when our organization is being attacked from behind by a fifth-column that has deployed slander and amalgam against us with a Stalinist method, knowing full well what is happening. Their motto seems to be "lie, lie, something will remain" as they search for "allied forces" (who don't even know what this is all about and didn't even care to find out) to adhere to their amalgam.


It is the first time that we see in the Marxist movement -except for the rot of Stalinism and the labour bureaucracies- that forces that call themselves revolutionary, like this group that has just been born called "Collective Proletarian Emancipation”, launches public moral slanders or questions the morals of leaders and militants who are in trial by the bourgeois state that incriminates them.


Those who accuse today have a million times more the obligation to raise the unconditional defense before the State of the attacked socialist fighters, regardless of the differences they have to settle with them. This is how we act even confronting the union bureaucracy, when the unions are attacked by the bourgeois State. Here all morals and class principles have been broken before the State. We cannot believe that you, as a current, claiming to be principled in the international Marxist movement, silence this issue.


It is clear that the only goal of this provocation is for us no to be defended by anybody if the state imprisons us or attacks and persecutes us in every country in the world where we fight. Who will defend us before such a smear campaign that they have launched? With this policy, the bourgeois justice is given a free hand to proceed, and the states to harass us. You may attack us, give us political struggle and of all kinds but speak out for our defense against the bourgeois state that also attacks us.


There’s nothing new. For us this is how the reformists and lackeys of the bourgeoisie act. This is the same as they did for example with the Syrian masses: they accused them of "terrorists", "jihadists", "barbarian peoples", etc., in order to isolate them from the world working class so that al-Assad could massacre them. It is the same MO (modus operandi).


It is not by chance that currents that are agents of the regime, like most of those who make up the FIT-U of Argentina, have never sent us solidarity in the face of this attack by the state that we have been suffering, as we said, since 2012.




Framing someone through an amalgam is the typical Stalinist method of turning the world upside down. Our militants and leaders are the ones who have been permanently attacked by the social-imperialist, Stalinist parties and by the no less agents of imperialism, the renegades of the Fourth International. We are the ones who have been accused of being from the CIA and NATO for supporting the heroic Libyan and Syrian revolutions and for fighting and dying in them, facing the assassins al-Assad, Putin, the Iranian ayatollahs, the Zionist fascist forces  and Trump. That is why we have earned the just hatred of all the defenders of the counter-revolutionary policy of the genocidal Bashar in Syria or the Stalinist PKK in Kurdistan. An example of this is the statement the PTS of Argentina has just made vindicating the PKK and its pact with Yankee imperialism, stating that thanks to this the Kurdish people in Syria achieved even if not for 9 years, their self-determination.


Our comrades in Russia were detained by Putin's secret services for heroically fighting alongside our brothers, the Syrian revolutionaries and the Leon Sedov Brigade.


We are the victims of brutal slanders and physical and moral attacks. To make us look as perpetrators is the amalgam you are covering up.


In addition to being "terrorists" and "jihadists", they have also accused us of being corrupt and decomposed. To that we respond: we are proud expropriators of the capitalists so that the masses fight and forge their revolutionary party in the civil war, because we are not sustained by the union bureaucracies or the succulent funds of the parliamentary banks, but by the workers and their heroic actions.


We are the ones who accuse, as we have been doing, all the servants of the bourgeois states that for years have been slandering us Trotskyists when all they have done is kneeling before the enemies of the proletariat.


We will settle accounts with the treacherous leaderships and their agents in the class struggle and in the trenches of the revolution and counter-revolution that separate us like an abyss. According to Trotsky, we are before "their and your morals and ours", which seem to be irreconcilable.




The amalgam arises and is assembled after a brutal slander carried out against the LOI-CI leadership in Argentina integrated by Paty workers, of letting die –or simply kill alongside the bourgeois state- David Soria, leader of DO and a member of the FLTI international leadership, who tragically died at the age of 59 of a cruel chronic disease on April 14 this year, as declared in a statement released by this group. It was the only current in the world that dared to say such an outrage. Not even the greatest enemies of our current and David were so bold as to mount this provocation. Furthermore, there was no worker´s current that has not sent its condolences to us and his relatives and that has not praised the struggle of comrade Soria.


This slander to which we allude here was carried out at a time when his relatives, fellow workers of Paty and comrades of the current were saying goodbye and paying tribute to comrade Soria.


This cruel infamy came from Chile and Argentina from a militant of the LIT-CI and also from two of the founders of this nascent "Collective Proletarian Emancipation". A couple of individuals of this group come from a split in our current that was caused by serious political differences. They decided to make their own independent experience in the masses. One of them did it many years ago, as is the case of Jacinto Suárez, and in the case of Marcial, he recently broke away from our current when it became clear that he has been part of a secret fraction inside our organization for months. Some other member of this nascent group was separated years ago from our organization by our Moral Commission.


David Ovich, Marcial and Jacinto Suárez were the ones who carried out, supported, applauded, hailed and spread such infamy, we insist, at moments that we were mourning our comrade Soria along with Paty workers and his family. This was and is a brutal provocation. Most serious is that the provocateurs present themselves as victims. It is clear that their objective is to destroy our organization with the worst methods of Stalinism.


And now, Marcial wants to hide himself behind his 40 years of militancy in the labour movement, as he claims; however, that fact does not cleanse him at all of having manifested and supported the accusation that we killed our worker leader.


The fact is that the blazons in the revolutionary movement are conquered and lost every day, not with "traditions of sacred men". That is Stalinist morality; not a Bolshevik one. That was the morale of the old MAS (to whom Marcial belonged until well into the 1990s), which spoke of the "tradition" of its old worker militants, to maintain an apparatus that had long been embraced by Stalinism and had been well prepared to break the heads of the militants of the TBI who rebelled in 1988 against this ignominy staining the Fourth International.


Marcial in his 40 years of militancy unfortunately had a period of no more than 10 years of combat under the Trotskyism program and then returned, as it happen now, to his origins as the old MAS.


We therefore hope you keep your solidarity with the Trotskyists in the face of the attack by the bourgeois state which is being developed at UFI (Investigative Office under an State Attorney, NT) number 8 in La Plata, (capital of Buenos Aires Province, NT) by the fascist prosecutor María Victoria Huergo, head of the intelligence services of that city and of the Province of Buenos Aires. We also await your solidarity in the face of the slander we suffer, being accused of letting one of the most important leaders of the working class and our organization in recent years die or kill him.




We are facing a totally predictable attack, prepared, organized and centralized by the reformist leaderships against the FLTI.


Ex-Trotskyist and international “New Left” forces became emboldened, arguing that the FLTI no longer "existed anymore", that "there were two of us", that "we had had splits", etc.


As life showed that this is not so, but just the opposite, suddenly and desperately this campaign against our organization appears launched from various angles, either from fabricated "twin groups" -of which there are several- or from currents with which we had broken due to political differences. Even some of them pompously declare themselves a “public fraction” of the FLTI, when they are only one person who, 10 years ago, broke with us, openly confronting the revolutionary politics of the Paty workers. The graves have been opened and the resurrected living dead appear.


What's going on? Reformism sends its agents because, beyond this or that confused partner, they know of the vigor of the revolutionary forces and the Trotskyst program at a time when the Syrian revolution is not dead and the proletariat enters great actions of revolution in the US, the Middle East, Europe and worldwide. Faced with this, reformism is forced to unmask itself every day for what it is: traitors of the working class. They have to pass off the proletariat's allies as its enemies. That is what the attack of this fifth column on us from the back and of those who support it is all about.


They try to create a smoke screen so that the true outlines of the buildings are not seen. They work on account of and do “dirty work” for third parties. They regroup old militants who passed through our ranks during a part of the road in the last 20 years, with whom we separated or delimited in political struggles, with the majority of them fleeing without presenting a single battle for their ideas and convictions and whose current situation and militancy we have not known for years. There they recruit reactionary forces to build this amalgam.


This amalgam, just like a smokescreen, is because they want to hide is that the former Trotskyist parties have entered unified parties or common strategic fronts with the Stalinist filth that have raised its head with the help of the renegades of the Fourth International since ’89. This is what the current provocateurs do not say; it is what they do not want to be known. But this is the truth.


They want to hide that there was a meeting held about Trotsky in Havana, where none of these currents was absent so to reconcile with Stalinism, as they did publicly after apologizing for having persecuted, imprisoned, and even killed Cuban Trotskyists. They went to reconcile with Mercader's party, with which today they publish a magazine called "The Commune" under the banners of Mao, Lenin, Marx, Trotsky, Castro, etc. From that ruffians cave they attack us and we know it.


They want to hide what they did by founding or supporting the setting up of a party with the Stalinism under the flags of Chávez and Castro in South Africa.


The attack on the FLTI is nothing more than a smokescreen to hide that also all the scoundrels of the former Trotskyists in England are hanging onto the Queen's and the Labor Party coattails and that after bringing the Transition Program to Chávez, like Alan Woods did, and after going to Damascus to supporting Al Assad, they joined Zyuganov's Stalinist-bourgeois party in Russia, Putin's great supporter.


They all come from supporting the rascals of Podemos and Syriza to strangle the Spanish, Greek and European proletariat. They were all exposed and exploded into 20,000 pieces on the common international fronts that they carried out with other Stalinist servants of Putin, such as Mitina and her party that every year bring flowers to Stalin's grave. We know why they attack us... and all of them know too.


They are covering the rearguard of the single party of "Stalin and Trotsky". They want to erase the ice-pick to chase us with it. They have founded a group to attack the Trotskyists while silencing the pact of the liquidators of the Fourth International with Stalinism. This is a definition of the group that attacks us.


How can you also remain silent that from Greece the EEK sent letters of solidarity with the “Republic of Novorossya,” that is, under the control of Putin's partner oligarchs, while they were making disappear, repressed and attacked the Donetsk miners?


This was not enough. They ended up hugging the Zionist billionaire Sanders in a 180° angle with the black masses and workers who entered the combat in US.


We accuse them and their "tracer bullets" of having caused the worst ignominies against the proletariat and of having liquidated all vestiges of independent organization of the Fourth International.


We want to affirm that we will wage battle to this campaign of provocations because we consider this part of our fight to recover the clean banners of the Fourth International from the hands of those who have dirtied it and given it to the bourgeoisie. We consider this fight to be part of our theoretical, programmatic, and organizational fight in defense of revolutionary principles and moral. We know that we have arisen the hatred of the enemies of the proletarian revolution, of the opportunists, of the careerists, of those who have not found a place in our organization to betray the working class and decompose its ranks.


We will not allow the pro-Stalinist, pro-Zionist, peoples’-frontist currents, those who have bloody hands for supporting the assassin al-Assad, who entered Castro-Stalinist parties like in South Africa or who supported and made agreements without principles with currents such as the TPR servile to Kirchnerites (who left a string of workers prosecuted and condemned like those of Las Heras) in Argentina, come to accuse us or give moral courses to the Trotskyists who offered our lives in the civil war.


What is striking is that our martyrs and heroes in Syria (accused of thousands of infamies) were never praised; on the contrary, they were hidden, abandoned and slandered from being the police and what is worse, from the CIA and NATO, with the ignominious silence of the entire world left and yours in particular. AND NOBODY REQUESTED A MORAL TRIBUNAL FOR THEM! They shut them up. And now what do you want to denounce?


A regrouping of Stalinists and servants of the genocidal Bashar first launched a campaign that it was a lie that we were in Syria, to isolate our comrades and end up murdering them as they say now. And when many of our comrades fell, they either applaud, or looked the other way. Despite this or that isolated solidarity, no one called a moral tribunal against those who covered up or applauded the murder of our militants.


Today they repeat history. Yesterday they said: "The Leon Sedov Brigade does not exist and is a Carlos Munzer fabrication" and then, when many of our comrades fell in the mass civil war, we insist, they blamed our leadership. Now they say that our leaders left David Soria to die. The source of slander and infamy is the same: the staffs of the counterrevolutionary forces sustained by imperialism.


We clarify that this provocation will not go unpunished. The working class with its revolutionary combats will settle accounts with all the treacherous leaderships that caused a thousand and once cruel defeats.


The parties of the reformist Left that live in times of peace, submitting to bourgeois regimes, will never be able to understand this or care about the fate of the revolution and the revolutionaries. You cannot enter a battle in defense of proletarian morality without making political and class characterizations of the currents in conflict.




It is evident that we are facing a classic Stalinist amalgam.


Every serious current that does not know about the case, before stating a position they have to find out which are all the facts. How can an international current that calls itself "socialist" and "revolutionary" to establish a position without, for example, exchanging opinions with us and without knowing our position and the hard facts that we have on the table?


If this is not done, it is clear that they seek to settle political differences by mixing in moral accusations. And this is what this group that has organized itself and was born without a policy or a program is trying to do. They have only come together to morally attack the FLTI, bringing together resentful and careerists... a full Stalinist political program itself. The only known political position is his silence on the action of reformism in addition to that published on a Facebook program called “Red de Trabajadorxs”, led by union leaders of the PTS and the FIT-U of Argentina, where they repeat political characterizations made by the FLTI vaguely, choppy, disfigured about the world situation. A political coverage that does far from save them, it condemns them.


Will this be the morality with which the Fifth International is going to be found by those who have proclaimed it for decades? They have got into a quagmire. With currents such as the CWG or the RCIT, we have had very serious political differences that have separated our ways, but never in these extremely hard political and methodological struggles we have made any kind of moral accusation.




When some spokesmen of this campaign against our current see what really happened and that at every step they sink into the mud, they wash their hands like Pontius Pilate and argue "Let a moral tribunal judge both parties". What? Who are they to question anyone morally? If they don't have concrete moral positions or accusations, then keep the mouth shut and discuss politics.


Seeing that they are trapped with their fingers in the door, they tout the method of calling a moral tribunal to try both the victim and the perpetrator. We insist, they call themselves "impartial" judges from Olympus. This is how they try to wash their dirty clothes and attack the revolutionaries. This has no place in the tradition of the Marxist movement. It is even behind the same bourgeois jurisprudence. It comes from a feudal and inquisitorial morale, where the noble or the inquisitor decide who is condemned because there everybody goes as a suspect. But who do they think they are?


According to bourgeois justice, the one who really must go to the bench of the accused is the accused. And before making a decision, the least that any political trend can do, if it is serious, is to investigate the case and speak to all those involved. Many have already opted for an inquisition court, which does not even have the codes of a bourgeois court, let alone that of a revolutionary tribunal.


We have come to hear brutalities once this amalgam was discovered and it became clear that there was a frame-up and a provocation. For example, to justify a princes' court, with the water already reaching their nose, they mention the Dewey court, the one made by Trotsky in the mid-1930s against the brutal campaign of Stalinism that he was "an agent of the Mikado and Hitler". But he did so to defend himself against the serious accusations of Stalinism, not with the Stalinism. The Dewey court never intended Trotsky and Stalin to sit in a common court, so that a liberal bourgeois could decide who was immoral in the international proletariat.


How are we going to sit in a common court with people who claim that we have murdered our worker leader alongside the bourgeois state? Does the RCIT, the CWG or some other current that claims to defend the proletarian morality, affirm that this happened? This dispute over the honor of the revolutionaries and this infamous slander are not resolved in a moral tribunal, except to condemn the provocateurs.


The attack on the LOI-CI leadership of letting its leader die can only be compared to the filth and decomposition of Healy and his current that accused Hansen and the SWP of being responsible for the murder of Trotsky at the hands of Mercader.


How is it possible someone wanted to take the LOI-CI leadership to a moral tribunal to show whether it killed its leader or not? Who are the rotten scoundrels who called a moral tribunal in these conditions of the likes of princes and inquisition? Who are the ones who want to transform victims into victimizers? Who are the ones who want to settle old political differences by making moral accusations? It is not to be admitted.


No current that claims to be revolutionary can allow a provocation such as to be told that it murdered, along with the bourgeois state, one of its most important workers' leaders. No militant of ours is going to allow it and no honest socialist is going to trust it.


As long as there is a Trotskyist alive, no one is going to say this slander with impunity. This accusation is a civil war attack against a workers organization not a political or just a moral difference.


Our organization, for years has decided not to be inclined to transform itself into a haven of disabled politicians and upset disillusioned bureaucrats, like those who used the IV International to betray its legacy and subject it to Stalinism. That is a decision of us who fight for our program. Those who do not agree with this statute and with our program, have the right to dissent and to build their own organization. The question will be resolved before the masses.


Quite possibly, honest comrades, despite the serious political or methodological differences they have with us, will know how to distinguish who is who in this matter.


We know, as the Transitional Program of the Fourth International warned, that it "casts aside quack healers, chatterboxes and importunate moral teachers." Many times those mentioned recommend stopping the class struggle. Thus, countless prophets of the new morals appear and prepare to regenerate the labor movement with the help of ethical homeopathy. And this is the case we are facing: a group whose only program is to carry out a moral campaign against the FLTI. We are before a small group of right-wing forces whose sole objective is to regroup forces, as Stalinism did against Trotskyism, to attack those of us who fought under the banners of the Fourth International. They pose as victims when they are sinister perpetrators that history and our combat are going to finish unmasking them.


It is striking -but it has not been by chance, as it has always been so- that the hatred towards our current is concentrated in our militants and leaders who are circumstantially at the most advanced stage of the revolutionary struggle and who are the ones who suffer the most direct attack from the enemy. We have been accused of being "megalomaniacs", "crazy", "psychopaths" (as also happened some time ago with one of the founders of our current, comrade already deceased Roque Sánchez from Peru). This is the typical method of Stalinism, which opened large madhouses, among them the Lubyanka, to lock up all political dissidents there.


But the opportunists and careerists must know that it is not a question of one or several men, but of an international current that selects its forces to intervene in processes of revolution, counterrevolution and civil war. And we do it around our program and our politics that arouses so much hatred in our enemies and political adversaries.


We know that we the revolutionaries will not return peacefully to the masses. From there they took us out with slanders, by shooting, surrendering ourselves to the police (as happened in the Argentinean revolution) and expelling us from all political parties where we waged battle, as it happened in the MAS and the PTS we left behind. Among them were some of those who today slander and attack us. But they must know that, as the anthem of the French workers says, we will not give up and we will look for them to the last corner of the planet where they are betraying the workers.


We accuse them: with their slander campaigns and their unprincipled groupings they are working for the enemy and this sooner rather than later will become clear to the revolutionary workers of the world, who already detest reformism and advance along the path of the Commune, revolution and insurrection.


They are an unprincipled front whose sole goal is to attack and destroy the FLTI at all costs. Some of these dark characters have been conspiring in the shadows for years. They have no program because when they try to address the hot spots of the class struggle, they will burst out in 20,000 pieces. Let it be clear they are an alchemy in decomposition.


Comrade David Soria fought alongside us for 20 years. He was one of the most outstanding labor leaders of the Argentine working class. In life they slandered him. And once dead, they slander him again, to dirty and debase the current to which he belonged and of which he was a leader. We will not allow it.


Whoever endorses this amalgam will be responsible to the masses for his actions. We know that with this amalgam they are creating the conditions for future aggressions against our current in a higher terrain, like those that we have already suffered these years, or to isolate ourselves and leave hands free for the bourgeois state to attack us. We will not allow it. Of course, we hold you responsible for it.


The theoretical and political struggles in the Marxist movement of the last decades, which preceded the current historical events of crash, wars, revolutions, counter-revolutions and great betrayals, today are expressed in hard clashes of revolution and counter-revolution in the labor movement. This anticipates it. For this we prepare and this is one more battle.


International Coordination Secretariat of the Collective for the Refoundation of the Fourth International / International Leninist Trotskyist Fraction (FLTI)


Paula Medrano - Jussa K. - Abu Muad - Claudia P. - Carlos Munzer - Cheo Navarro - Milenka López - Javier Herrera - Rosa Moreno


Paper "The Truth of the Oppressed", voice of the socialists of Syria and the Middle East


Abu Muhajer and Abu Ibrahim


Workers International League (WIL), Zimbabwe


James S.


“The Oppressed doesn’t keep silent”


Jorge Terracota


Democracia Obrera (Workers Democracy) of the Spanish State


Benito Tor


In honor to our leader David Soria…


National Committee of the Internationalist Workers League – Fourth International (LOI-CI) / Democracia Obrera (Workers Democracy) of Argentina


Villacorta - Esteban - Martín Guerrero - Sara Mirabal - Tatiana Vargas - Walter Montoya - Chelo - Clara Varga - Eliza Funes - Lola Kirvi - Tamara Hajji - Lourdes T.


Revolutionary Piquetero Movement of Mosconi, Northern Salta


Luchi and Pelado


Avanzada Obrera “Lista Negra” del ARS (Workers’ Advance, “Black Group” of Rio Santiago Shipyard), Argentina


Alejandro Villarruel


Bloque por las Bases (Block of the rank and file), Rio Santiago Shipyard, Argentina


Juan Román


Rank and file workers of Siderar, Argentina


Fernando L.


Metalworkers group “La Gota” (The Drop) of Acindar - Villa Constitución, Argentina


Nicanor Romero


Núcleo Obrero Internacionalista (Internationalist Workers Nucleus), Colombia


Carlos G.


Grupo Comuneros (Communards Group), Colombia


Alberto Moreno


Socialist League of the Internationalist Workers (LSTI), Peru


Raúl Palomares


Socialist League of the Internationalist Workers (LSTI), Bolivia


Ivi García, Camilo Bravo and Juan Sánchez


Senkata: Franklin


Internationalist Workers Party – Fourth International (POI-CI), Chile


Lourdes Fernández and Felipe Cruces


Revolutionary Workers and Youth Committee for the Self-Organization (CROJA), Brazil


Hugo Parreira