Kenya: Public Meeting on the Revolutionary Process in Sudan and Algeria


Report (with Pictures) by the Revolutionary Socialist League (Kenya), 16 August 2019




The recent political occurrences and goings-on in the Sudan and Algeria necessarily reflect a growing urge for participatory democracy in Africa and beyond; a system in which the people themselves get to decide exactly how they should be governed, and a system in which those who produce get to enjoy the products of their labour.


In this regard, it was imperative that we engage in conversations geared towards this direction. On Tuesday, 13th August 2019, comrades and intellectuals gathered at the Kenya National Theater (Cheche Hall) to have a symposium on the situation in the Sudan and Algeria. The event was organized by the International League of People's Struggles (ILPS) Kenya Chapter, the Revolutionary Socialist League (RSL), the All African People's Revolutionary Party, Ukombozi PALIAct Library, the National Students Caucus as well as the Social Justice Centers Working Group.


The theme of the symposium was 'Struggle for participatory democracy in Africa'. The event was attended by 50-60 people, mostly from among comrades of the RSL, students and intellectuals.


The morning session of the event was moderated by Sobukwe Shokura of the AAPRP, and the afternoon session by Lena Anyuolo of the RSL. Speakers included Faisal from the Sudan, Nancy Barasa from #AfricansforSudan, Ochievara Olungah from the RSL and Gacheke Gachihi from Mathare Social Justice Centre.


The speakers, as well as the audience during the plenary session, did well to articulate the situation in the Sudan, South Sudan and Algeria, relating these to our circumstances in Kenya, and the state of our popular struggles.


Solidarity messages from the RCIT and the people of Venezuela were presented by Ezra Otieno of the RSL.


At the end of the plenary session, comrades made a resolution to carry on the popular struggles in Kenya, reinforcing the development of proper structures of people's participatory democracy in the process. In order to avoid the situation in the Sudan, in which conservative forces try to hijack the people's struggle, we have to establish structures through which people's power would be exercised.




The solidarity message from the RCIT can be read here: