Kenya: Successful Event on the Pan African Women's Day


Report (with Pictures) by the Revolutionary Socialist League (Kenya), 12 August 2019




On Friday, 9th August 2019, the working class women in Kenya, led by the Revolutionary Socialist League, organised the Pan African Women's Day in Nairobi. The event was organized by the RSL in conjunction with the Social Justice Centers Working Group and the All African People's Revolutionary Party. It was held at the Mathare Social Justice Center. The theme was 'Organise! Educate! Liberate!' The commemoration of the day was attended by 150-200 people, mostly from among the comrades of the RSL as well as Social Justice Centers and a section of the urban working class dwellers.


The event was moderated by Irene Asuwa and Lena Anyuolo of the RSL, and the speakers included Julie Wanjira from the Mathare Social Justice Center and Njoki Wamai, a professor of political science from the United States International University (Nairobi).


Solidarity messages from the RCIT and the Venezuelan people were presented by Irene Asuwa.


The event ended by the participants making a resolution to;


1) Build a strong proletarian women's movement in Kenya to spearhead the feminist struggle.


2) Join revolutionary organisations, such as the RSL, to advance the course of the liberation of not only the women, but the working class in general.


These resolutions were to be followed through by point men and women selected from amongst groups which people broke into.




The solidarity message from Almedina Gunić, the International Women’s Secretary of the RCIT, can be read here: