Nigeria: Stop the Wave of Repression!


Report by Ifagunwa Ifamaberu (National Coordinator of the Pan-Afrikan Consciousness Renaissance, Nigeria), 23 April 2018,




Editorial Note: Below we publish a report of comrade Ifagunwa Ifamaberu, the National Coordinator of the Pan-Afrikan Consciousness Renaissance in Nigeria, about the political situation in his country. The RCIT collaborates with the comrades of PACOR since last year. In this context we have published a number of joint statements.




The Nigerian state is an extreme primitive capitalist state like the condition is in most African countries. The state through its several apparatuses tries to suppress all sectors of the society to stop their ability to protest.


The universities, for example, have been hijacked by numerous neoliberal antics and tactics. There are several outbreaks of student protests, though spontaneous, across the country. (See on this: PACOR: Nigeria: Free the Arrested Students!


Despite enormous oil wealth, the minimum wage in Nigeria is below 60$. This shocking reality exposes the neo-colonial character of the Nigerian state and the economy.


Another bourgeois election is some months away, 2019 precisely, and as expected a lot of politricks have been flying all around. Several bourgeois alliances and reconfiguration have been surfacing, the ruling elites are reassembling. The Buhari-led government is an abysmal failure. But it has its own loyalists among a section of the masses.


The Nigerian state has been clamping down on all forms of reawakening amongst the masses. And this explains the numerous attacks the government has been putting up against the Shiite sect. Since 2016, Ibrahim Zakzaky, the leader of the sect, has been under the most illegal, unlawful arrest by the state. At a time he was paraded as a terrorist simply because his members aren't amongst the frequent northern loyalists in the country.


I think the issue yet again proves the supremacy of our class analysis that the backward situation the country is in now has nothing to do with the problems of ethnicism, religion, as often peddled by the ruling class. It is ultimately an illumination of the failure of the state. This which is much expected because of the absolute refusal of the state to democratically manage and distribute the enormous wealth the country is adorn with.


The only way forward is to unite the working class, youth and oppressed across ethnic and religious lines on the basis of a program of struggle against all social and democratic attacks by the ruling class. We fight for a mass working people's government armed with a socialist programme to put the enormous wealth of the country in the hands of the working people!