Activities on the Afrika Liberation Day 2018: Forward to the Liberation of the African Continent!


Report (with Pictures) from the activities of the Alkebulan School of Black Studies (Kenya), the Pan-Afrikan Consciousness Renaissance (Nigeria) and COGITO (Democratic Republic of  the Congo), 14th June 2018,




On the weekend of the 25th to the 26th May rallies and meetings took place in various countries of the black continent, celebrating Afrika Liberation Day. The comrades of the Alkebulan School of Black Studies stated on the events of these days: "DIVIDED BY COLONIAL BORDERS, UNITED BY HISTORY AND CULTURE-AFRICA MUST UNITE!"


Comrades from the Pan-Afrikan Consciousness Renaissance in Nigeria organized a political symposium with the theme "Building Unity in the Struggle Against Capitalism and Neocolonialism" in honour of the Afrikan Liberation Day. They reported: "The symposium was well attented by over 30 comrades from different organizations. Prominent among these organizations were comrades from the Black N Proud Movement, Movement Against Slavery and Poverty, National Conscience Party, Kowa Members, State 55, DSM, SPN to mention a few. The first lead-off was well articulated by Comrade Seni Ajayi, wherein he decried the continuous efforts of the Buhari-led anti-people, pro-rich-government towards the privatization of all existing sectors of the Nigerian economy. He concluded by affirming that likeminded organizations must essentially work together at this material point in time in order to salvage the obvious deplorable state of the country. Comrade Dagga Tolar in his lead-off disect the historical effects of the capitalist relations on the Nigerian society.


The backward state of the educational sector was historicized within the context of the overbearing roles played by capitalism and other neoliberal policies towards this trajectory. Bro. O-Jay of the defunct Black Panther Party, United States, stressed the need for revolutionary organizations to form alliances despite their infinitesimal ideological differences, in as much as the goals to get rid of capitalism remains the same. Prof. Ibidapo of the University of Lagos in his submission opined that the Afrikan masses must unlearn and relearn everything about their history in order to be proud of their humanity. He concluded that the revolution must also be about the decolonization of the already dispossessed minds of the Afrikan masses. Comrade Laroye Sanda from Ibadan, who graced the gathering beyond expectation also exhumed the essentiality of raising the banner for a socialist Afrika and the world at this material point in time by comrades as the only way out for humanity.


Shortly after the lead-offs, solidarity messages from different organizations poured in. The solidarity messages from the RCIT, Black N Proud and other comrades from different organizations were well received."


Comrades from the youth organization COGITO in DR Congo organized a meeting with more than twenty young people attending. Various questions have been discussed like “Is Africa really free?”, “What is the state of the African continent?”, etc. The comrades reported: “We believe that Africa has had its independence in terms of papers that is to say that from the legal point of view we can say that Africa is independent and is equal to other continents (America, Asia, Europe, etc.). But pushing our reflection, we find that apart from this legal independence, Africa remains always dependent on the colonizing countries in the sense that it remains dependent on the great powers in several domains (economic, security, education, health, etc.) and also these great powers continue to dictate the mode of economy and policy that African countries must have.


Thus, the young people gathered within COGITO, think that it is high time that the Africans rise up against imperialism and demonstrate to the face of the world that the African is able to be independent and do all that he wants in all freedom.


The comrades of the Alkebulan School of Black Studies in Kenya intervened in a celebration which was visited by various organisations. The gathering was attended mainly by students, local residents and youth. The comrades reported: “The main agenda was for Africa to create a United Socialist States of Africa, Forever. The need to create a Mass, Permanent Revolutionary Party.” On the main slogans of the celebration our comrades added: “* Women have a right and the duty to fight! To emancipate women from our own outdated cultural bondage, Kwame Nkrumah words were adopted on this "The degree of a country's revolutionary awareness, maybe measured by the political maturity of its women".


* The vital role of Culture in Revolution.


* Students Spark the Revolution and join the workers to eliminate capitalism.


* Solidarity with the people of Palestine: Death to the Zionist occupation " Our Freedom is incomplete without the FREEDOM of the PALESTIANIANS (Quote by Nelson Mandela)."


The Comrades from the Pan-Afrikan Consciousness Renaissance in Nigeria stated: “At a time when the imperialists are building their military base in Ghana; penetrating Nigeria with their institutions and structures; spreading their tentacles and domination across the economy of Kenya, Zimbabwe, Azania, and other countries; facilitating the racist attacks of Black people in the diaspora; emboldening the racist, facist, terrorist-Israeli government against the teeming Palestinian population, the discussions and practical actions against imperialism and international capitalism is long overdue.” Furthermore the comrades reported: “The questions and comments sessions raised several polemics in regards to what should form the basis of the duty of a Pan-Afrikan movement in the 21st century, such as ours, and a resolution was reached through the convener that as inspired by Kwame Nkrumah, the revolutionary duty of a genuine Pan-Afrikan movement today cannot be beyond the struggle for a socialist Afrika and by extension a socialist world. In the same vein the struggle towards the destruction of all elements of mental slavery amongst the rank and file of the already dispossessed Afrikan masses was well articulated by the convener.


We as the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) fight consistently against imperialism and for the freedom of the people in Black Africa and all around the world. We want to thank the comrades of the Alkebulan School of Black Studies in Kenya and the comrades of the Pan-Afrikan Consciousness Renaissance in Nigeria for the reports. Despite of political differences which we want to clarify and hopefully overcome together in near future we share the passionate, revolutionary approach of the comrades towards the liberation of Black Africa.


Forward to the socialist revolution! For the United Socialist States of Africa!




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The RCIT sent greetings to the PACOR Conference on the 2018 Afrikan Liberation Day which can be read here:


The Alkebulan School of Black Studies (Kenya) is a sympathizing section of the RCIT, . The comrades from the Pan-Afrikan Consciousness Renaissance (Nigeria) have fraternal relations with the RCIT, The RCIT is currently discussing with the comrades from COGITO (DR Congo) about ways to intensify collaboration.


Pictures from Nigeria

Pictures from DR Congo