RWG Zimbabwe: Preliminary Statement on Military Takeover


Statement of the Revolutionary Workers Group Zimbabwe, 15/11/17




The Revolutionary Workers Group of Zimbabwe (RWG-Z) condemns the military takeover on behalf of the western sponsored and neo-liberal bourgeois faction of ZANU-PF. A coup can never be a solution to the plight of the workers, poor peasants and poor masses. This has only been done to protect the interests of a certain wing of the comprador capitalists and their imperialist friends.


Workers and poor masses should organise against this coup just as they fought Mugabe's regime. They should also not wait for the so called intervention from SADC. Instead we call for solidarity from workers and poor masses across the region and globally. Only independent self activity of the toiling masses can conquer a good life for all. Furthermore, we call for an urgent meeting of the revolutionary and radical left to organise opposition both to the coup and the regime.


- Form up workers and peasants councils that prepare the revolutionary general strike.


- Form councils of the street vendors and unemployed.


- Advance the program of socialism: Quality Jobs, education, housing and healthcare for all can be won by uniting the masses into independent workers councils and militia.


- For soldiers councils to arrest the bourgeois generals.


- Elect rank and file officers to root out corruption and arm the masses.


- No faith in those who cut deals with imperialism at our expense. Seize properties forfeited to imperialism.


- Nationalize the economy under workers and peasants’ controls with no compensation to the comprador and imperialists.


- Build our revolution across borders for a federation of southern African workers states