China - A New Imperial Power


Keith L., Socialist Resurgence (U.S.) May 2018,




Note of the Editorial Board: Below we publish a long study written by Keith L. in May 2018 and published by Socialist Resurgence. Socialist Resurgence is a new Trotskyist organization in the U.S. which has recently split from Socialist Action. Socialist Action is a prominent force in the left-wing opposition within the Mandelist “Fourth International”.


The document represents a serious study of the characteristics of China as an imperialist Great Power. We are glad to note that the author, respectively the comrades of Socialist Resurgence, basically arrive to very similar conclusions on this issue as the RCIT has done in its documents.


The RCIT has published a number of documents on this issue. They are collected at a special sub-page on our website: Our most updated analysis of China and the accelerating rivalry between the Great Powers can be read in Michael Pröbsting: Anti-Imperialism in the Age of Great Power Rivalry. The Factors behind the Accelerating Rivalry between the U.S., China, Russia, EU and Japan. A Critique of the Left’s Analysis and an Outline of the Marxist Perspective, RCIT Books, January 2019, On the capitalist restoration in China see e.g. Michael Pröbsting: China‘s transformation into an imperialist power. A study of the economic, political and military aspects of China as a Great Power (2012), in: Revolutionary Communism No. 4,




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