Austria: Successful Rally on International Women’s Day


Report (with pictures and veos) from the RKOB (Austrian Section of the RCIT) and the youth organization RED*REVOLUTION, 10.3.2014,


The Revolutionary Communist Organization LIBERATION (RKOB, Austrian Section of the RCIT) and the youth organization RED*REVOLUTION organized a rally on the International Women’s Day. It was a great success with about 80 people – women and men – participating in a militant protest against the oppression of women.


The rally was opened with a speech by Nina Gunić, spokeswoman for the RKOB. She pointed out to the fact that violence against women is an essential part of the oppression of women under capitalism. She stressed also that violence against women is systematically used by the ruling class as an instrument of oppression. A current example for this is the brutality of the military dictatorship in Egypt which has killed many sisters. Another horrific example is the genocidal war of the Serbian chauvinist Milosevic regime against the Bosnian people in 1992-95.


This was followed by a speech by Mirsada Alić, a Bosniak woman. She could not finish her speech as the atrocities of the war of 1992-95 are still very present in her memory. Nina Gunić translated the speech which was done in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language into German and spoke in conclusion a few words of solidarity.


After this, Rebecca Stauder, a 16-year old militant from the RKOB and RED*REVOLUTION addressed the crowd. She emphasized the inequality in wages from which women are suffering in Austria and in whole Europe. She also pointed out how difficult it is for young women, particularly young migrant women, to find a job.


The speeches were followed repeatedly by chants like "Long live international solidarity!" and "Down down with Sisi!" which was enthusiastically received by many Egyptian women who participated in the rally.


The next speaker was Saadie Abdelaty, a female representative of the Egyptian community. She addressed the crowd in Arabic and her speech was translated by Salwa, a young Egyptian woman, into German language. Salwa also held thereafter her own speech. Both speakers stressed the massive oppression of the Egyptian women not only in their everyday life but also in their resistance struggle against the military dictatorship.


The large participation in the rally organized by the RKOB and RED*REVOLUTION has shown us that there is a basis to take up again the tradition of the day the struggle for proletarian women. The numerous and enthusiastic participation of women and progressive men is a strong signal for the future to go forward on the road of building a revolutionary, proletarian women’s movement!


Forward to the proletarian 8 March 2015! For the liberation of women! For a revolutionary, proletarian women's movement! Long live international solidarity!


Photos of the rally can be viewed on the RKOB homepage at (scroll down below the article)

In addition, we will publish at the same place video clips from the speeches in the next days.