Forward to a Militant March 8! Violence against Women – We Strike Back!

Call for the World Women's Day on March 8 by the Revolutionary Communist Organization LIBERATION (RKOB, Austrian section of the RCIT) and the youth organization RED*REVOLUTION, 7.2.2014


Oppression of women is an inherent part of capitalism. In Austria, for example, on the average women receive 25% less pay than men for the same work. Housework and child-care remain primarily the responsibility of women. One in four women has been involved in a relationship in which they have repeatedly experienced violence.


For more than 100 years now, women of our class, the working class, have celebrated – shoulder to shoulder with the most advanced of their class brothers – March 8 as a day of struggle for the liberation of workers and full equality for women. The organization of women in revolutionary movements is an important step towards the overthrow of capitalism and the abolishment of women's oppression. This year, the annual, international proletarian day of struggle for the liberation of women is also an opportunity to march for the following demands:


* Down with all forms of violence against women! For massive, governmental investment for the creation of self-managed women centers that are able to accommodate all victims of violence! For the formation of self-defense units, supported by the workers’ movement, to defend these facilities against attack!


* For regular meetings of women in places of work, schools, and neighborhoods to exchange personal experiences involving violence and to spot in time any form of violence against women, as well as the organization of a collective effort against it!


* For the complete equality of women in all areas of the society! Above all: Equal Pay for Equal Work!


* For the socialization of housework! For the creation of public, comprehensive, and free laundries, canteens, and child-care facilities! In this way, housework will no longer be a private burden, but will be a recognized form of social labor. Only in this way will the yoke of unpaid housework and child-care be removed from the shoulders of women! In order to finance the socialization of housework, we call for the expropriation of the super-rich and the nationalization of large corporations and banks under the control of the workers!

* Multi-national corporations from the imperialist countries exploit the workers of semi-colonial countries – but, in particular, proletarian women. Many are beaten regularly and sexually abused. For the expropriation of large multi-national corporations and their placement under workers’ control! For the immediate annulment of the debts of all semi-colonial countries to the imperialist parasites! For the formation of female workers collectives, supported by the labor movements, to defend against any attack on female workers both in and outside places of work!


* For the liberation of women from the yoke of prostitution! No to any discrimination against prostitutes! For free social security and regular medical care for prostitutes! For the widespread creation of training centers where every prostitute can receive alternative job training with pay! For the organization of prostitutes in trade unions! The abolition of prostitution is a goal of socialism! Only under socialism does a ban on prostitution mean punishment for pimps as well as clients and more opportunities and rights for (former) prostitute! However, under capitalism any ban on prostitution should be rejected, because all such capitalist bans target primarily the prostitutes themselves!


* For a revolutionary women’s movement! For the right of women to caucus in trade unions, workers’ parties, and every other proletarian organization! Only a revolutionary, Fifth Workers International with a strong female profile can lead the way forward to the overthrow of capitalism and the abolishment of women's oppression!


Forward to a revolutionary, proletarian March 8!