COVID-19: Domestic Violence and the Lockdown


How women suffer in isolation and poverty


Article by Almedina Gunić, Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 4 April 2020,




In South Africa gender-based violence has been reported 87,000 times since the beginning of the lockdown. [1] The numbers of reported cases have jumped up by 36 percent in Paris and 32 percent elsewhere in France[2]. At least 6 femicide have already taken place under the lockdown in Argentina [3] and 14 in Turkey. [4] These are just a few examples for a worldwide phenomenon which is nothing else but a dangerous threat to the health and lives of us women.




Neither home nor the streets are a safe place




The undemocratic lockdown measures are enforced in the name of safety against an infection with the new coronavirus. However, family and home are not safe places for many of us women. The World Health Organization reports that one third of women who have been in a partnership suffered from physical respectively sexual violence in their relationship. About 38% of murders of women worldwide are committed by a male partner. [5] These are numbers from the time before women were forced by state repression to stay at home.


In addition to the danger that women often face by their own partners or relatives, the lockdown strengthens the precarious situation. The police in India have beaten up people who were on the street after the lockdown was imposed. [6] The President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, gave order to police and army to shoot at anybody who violates the lockdown. [7]


These aggressive measures by the repression apparatus are a triple danger for women. First, they are forced to stay at home and to deal with their already violent partner. In addition to this, they are threatened to be beaten up or even killed by the police respectively army if they flee from the violence at home. Last but not least, their partners face violence by the repression apparatus which increases the possibility that they pass this violence to the women at home. However, the massive increase of violence which women currently suffer is just the first of many dangers to come.




Lockdown: a reactionary attack of the ruling class




The lockdown measures are imposed under the cover of fighting the virus but in reality these measures are used to abolish various democratic rights and to introduce increased surveillance technologies. The recession which already started in the end of last year will hit the global economy even harder because of the lockdowns. [8] Still, the bourgeoisie is happy to utilize the pandemic to blame the recession on the spread of the virus, distracting from the real reasons of the crisis which is the decaying capitalism. Now, any future event that harms the lives of us workers and oppressed will be explained by the bourgeoisie with inevitable consequences of the pandemic.


Billions of already poor people will fall below the poverty line (like it happened in 2008) and the ruling class will blame the virus for it. Millions will die because of misery and hunger and the ruling class will blame COVID-19. Hundreds of thousands of people will be injured or even killed by the repression apparatus and the ruling class will explain it by the necessity to fight the pandemic. In all of this, women will be the ones to suffer the most. Already today, more women than men live in poverty. [9]


We have seen in countries like South Korea that lockdown is not a necessity even under capitalist respectively imperialist rule. The COVID-19 death toll in South Korea is very low with 177 deaths in a population of more than 51 Million people because of free health screening and testing on a massive scale and strict isolation of infected people. [10] The virus is circulating since the 20th February but the South Korean government has not implemented any lockdown measures since. [11]


Although being an imperialist country with a limited number of hospital beds and intense care units, it is an excellent example that the lockdown is not a necessity and is even less effective than the combination of testing and consequent quarantine of infected people. Furthermore to support or even demand lockdown measures means to believe the ruling classes that the incredible current mobilization of forces is easier than the immediate mass production of proper test kits and the extension of the health sector.


It is a brutal reality that the measures implemented by the ruling classes under the name of fighting COVID-19 will most likely lead to more deaths than the virus would cause even without any regulations. To support a lockdown or even to demand it means to enable the evitable murder of so many workers and oppressed by something more dangerous than the virus: the bourgeoisie.


Women are already the first ones to suffer from these new forms of undemocratic attacks although they just have started recently. At least the increased numbers of violence against women up to femicide makes it more than clear: the most important task for all revolutionaries today is the fight against the capitalists and their undemocratic attacks. Oppose the lockdown, it literally kills us!




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