Violence and Feminicide: They may hurt us...but we will destroy them!


Call for the International Women's Day: Fight for a revolutionary 8th March! Fight to end violence against women once and for all!


Almedina Gunić, for the International Secretariat and the International Women's Bureau of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 8th March 2020,


There are many forms of violence which are directed at us as women. We are attacked verbally and physically by strangers but also by far more familiar enemies like family relatives, partners and even friends. It is reported that at least one-in-three women experience violence. This violence is often so cruel that it literally kills us. A total of 87,000 women were murdered in 2017 because of their gender. In the particular case of Mexico 22,482 women were killed in the years from 2007 to 2016. On average 10 women are killed per day (reported by state prosecutors).


Femicide also distinguishes itself from the murders of men in the tortuous and brutal manner in which they are committed: the murderers of women use three times more often methods like hanging, suffocation and drowning, as well as they use corrosive substances and fire. The extreme violence is not limited to Latin America. India is perceived as the least safe country for women, even worse than war-torn countries like Afghanistan and Syria. Four years ago more than 39 crimes against women were reported every hour in India. Half of our murdered sisters have known their killer as their intimate partner respectively as a family member. More than 13 Million women experience domestic violence in Russia with more than 14,000 dying from the injuries every year. These are just a few countries but violence up to feminicide can be found in every country in the world. But it doesn't end here.


Two major types of murder of women exist: the most visible and brutal form of violence is the direct murder of women, i.e. femicide. But there is another, quieter, but systemic and consistent one: women die from negligence, from the despotism and corruption of institutions and from the direct exploitation of capital such as maternal death, hunger, preventable or curable diseases. Women die from clandestine and, in consequence, very dangerous abortions, from strenuous working hours and poor hygienic conditions. Women are killed as a punishment for their journalistic work or their activism in the social struggle.


Even the International Women's Day, the 8th March, is a date chosen to remind us of the killing of 129 women workers in the United States, who died in a fire in the Cotton Textile Factory in 1908. They were locked by the factory owner who wanted to stop them from joining a big strike which took place in March. Still today, the cause for violence against us women up to femicide is to find in the class society, in capitalism as such. The exploitation of our class and the super-exploitation of women workers is the skeleton of today’s society. Any form of violence that we as women experience is directly or indirectly linked to this fact.


Our sisters in the semi-colonial countries experience additional oppression including violence because of the super-exploitation of the so-called Third World by imperialist powers. Our black sisters in the American continent and in Europe experience additional oppression including violence because of racism. Likewise our sisters from oppressed nations and sister with a migrant background respectively discriminated religious background experience additional forms of violence due to racism. Although various brutal forms of attacks are led against us women, we can not be stopped to fight against the oppression. We show this every day.


We fight on the streets of Iraq, Chile, Hong Kong and many other countries and cities. We do not hesitate to be in the frontline of any resistance struggle. In Palestine we fight with the slingshot against tanks of the Israeli Apartheid state. In Syria we are even qualified snipers in the war against the dictatorship of Assad. We are firmly convinced that the class society, imperialism and dictators may try to break us, but we can not be broken.


On this day, the International Women's Day, we remind ourselves that no revolution can be done without women. On this day, the 8th March we remember all sisters who we lost to the violence against us.


But we also promise them as we promise ourselves: Our struggle will not stop until the victory of the proletarian revolution. Our struggle will not stop until we have achieved a society of freedom and justice, a socialist society!


Sisters, lets rally together as workers and oppressed to honour and revive the history of the 8th March as a day of struggle!




No Future without Socialism!


No Socialism without Revolution!


No Revolution without Women!