8 March 2021: Our Greatest Generation of Revolutionary Women


By Almedina Gunić, International Women’s Secretary of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 8 March 2021, www.thecommunists.net




The First Women’s Day was organized in 1911 by the Second International by the initiative of the revolutionary women’s leader Clara Zetkin. Ten years later, since the 8 March 1921, the Women’s Day is held every year all around the world. It is a day to celebrate our struggle for equality, for women’s liberation and for socialism.


Today, on the 8 March 2021, our tradition hits the century milestone, and we look back proud on each and every struggle we fought, every lesson we learnt – often enough out of defeat, but also out of victories we achieved. We celebrate our sisters all around the world who never stopped fighting and who will keep up the revolutionary struggle by any means. We celebrate what is the greatest generation of revolutionary women!


We celebrate our Uyghur sisters who fight against the draconic attacks and oppression of Chinese imperialism against their people. It is our sisters who openly speak up against rapes and forced sterilizations which they suffered from in the detention camps of the Chinese state. Their fight is our fight!


We celebrate our sisters in Poland who took the streets again and again to fight against the new, reactionary abortion law. We rejoice the acquittal of the LGBTQIA2S+ activists and celebrate the solidarity in our joint struggles. The activists in Poland make clear that no individual, no organization, no party or movement, and no state has any right to decide on our bodies. Their fight is our fight!


We celebrate our sisters in Myanmar who stay shoulder to shoulder with their revolutionary brothers in the struggle against the brutal military forces. The cowards of the military even fear to walk under the lines of the stringed up women’s clothes as they believe it emasculates men. They are right to believe so, because on the other side of the clothes stand our sisters willing to fight by all means. They are the worst nightmare for the military and the strongest asset of the revolutionary movement! Their fight is our fight!


We celebrate our sisters in Syria who have not stopped fighting against the tyranny of Assad despite all of the years of counterrevolutionary attacks and brutal war. They do not fear the dictatorship as they do not fear the imperialist forces from Russia, the United States and the European Union. To hold the banner of the revolution high whatever comes the way, is the lesson our sisters have taught us. Their fight is our fight!


We celebrate our sisters in Algeria, in Iraq, in Palestine and in many other countries of the Middle East. Not only are they a leading force of the revolutionary process, they embody new generations of women – the bravest of the brave who are determined to end oppression ones and for all. Their fight is our fight!


We celebrate our sisters in the various countries of Sub-Sahara Africa! Poverty-stricken by the inhuman exploitation by the imperialist nations, our sisters organize themselves not only in protests and political fights. They have to come together and join forces to provide their families with the basic needs like water and food, medicine and care. The spirit of collective effort is the strongest where daily life is full of struggle. There is not a single woman in the world who can not learn from our persistent and strong sisters in the region of Sub-Sahara Africa! Their fight is our fight!


We celebrate our sisters in Argentina, in Mexico and the whole region of Latin America who fight for their safety of our lives! Feminicide is one of the ugliest faces of women’s oppression and one that our sisters in Latin America know very well. While the capitalist states all around the world use the pandemic as a cover to implement anti-democratic attacks in the name of health, they enable and protect the monsters who are one of the biggest threats for our health. They want us to stay silent because of the fear to die by a virus – but what is with the death by the hand of sexist murderers? Ni una menos (Not one [women] less) is the answer. Their fight is our fight!


We as women face triple attacks – when we take the streets, we are attacked by the repression apparatus in the name of pandemic measures. Likewise we are attacked by military, by right wing forces, by gangs, by dictators, by imperialists and their lackeys, and by many other reactionary elements who want to silent democratic and social protests. Last but not least we face the daily threat by violent partners, family members and strangers who take their aggressions out on our bodies! Enough is enough.


Today, on the 8 March 2021, we declare our unity as revolutionary women worldwide! Nothing can and nothing will stop our struggle! We will rise united in a revolutionary women’s movement that spans around the globe! Join is in the struggle for this goal!