Editorial for Revolutionary Communism No. 11


The current issue of the RCIT’s English language journal Revolutionary Communism (number 11) – as it is the central purpose of our journal – outlines a Marxist analysis and programmatic response to central questions of the world class struggle. In particular we deal with the spontaneous mass Uprising in Turkey – which the Turkish comrades of İşçi Cephesi (Workers’ Front, Turkey) call the “Istanbul Intifada”. In our statement we elaborate a strategy which seems to us necessary in order to avoid a decline of the movement as we saw it with the “Occupy” movement in the USA or the indignados in Spain. In our opinion an orientation towards the working class as well as the organizing of the spontaneous mass movement is the task of the day. From this flows the centrality of the slogan of the “genel grev” – the general strike. In order to fight for such a perspective and to combine it with the strategic goal of the working class seizure of power, the timely building of a revolutionary party is absolutely urgent.

However there are huge obstacles for the implementation of such a strategy. Naturally, any revolutionary organization in Turkey has to struggle against the repression of the semi-bonapartist state machinery. However in addition to this there are also numerous forces inside the mass movement which hinder the development of the working class to reach revolutionary conclusion. This is first and foremost the still existing influence of Kemalism but also various misconceptions of Stalinism and Maoism. It is one of the big misfortunes of the Turkish left that it comprised and still comprises so many heroic and dedicated fighters – who all shame the mostly decadent, and academic Western centrist left – but at the same time they are grossly misled by such terrible wrong strategies!

International solidarity with the Turkish Intifada is hugely important given the danger of the brutal repression by the AKP/Erdoğan regime. The Austrian section of the RCIT participates actively in the solidarity movement since the beginning (see on this the reports on the sections website www.rkob.net).

The workers movement – not only in Turkey but also in Europe – is confronted with the problem of facing not only the enemy of the ruling class but also the enemies within their mass organizations. This will be a major issue for revolutionaries at the Alter Summit in early June – a congress initiated by the European Left Party (ELP) with the official purpose to elaborate alternative strategies against the neoliberal Europe. However, as we explain in our statement, this congress runs the danger of being just a prop-up for the electoral projects of the ELP for the elections to the European Parliament in May 2014 as well as a “militant” cover for the appeasing trade union bureaucracy which formally supports the Alter Summit.

The bankrupt of the reformist and centrist left has become obvious in Greece where the unions – often with the support of the main reformist parties SYRIZA and KKE – organized already more than 20 one or two day general strikes since 2010. The bureaucracy however utilizes these protests only to let off steam of the radicalized masses and to enhance their position for negotiations with the bosses and the governments. They however avoid any serious organization and mobilization of the masses to challenge the power of the capitalists. As a result their domination continues and hence the misery for the working class and the popular masses increases.

The failure of the reformist and centrist left in Europe also became visible in two important political recent events – the killing of a British soldier by two black Muslims and the Migrant Uprising in Sweden. Most of the British left capitulated to the chauvinist wave and expressed their condemnation of this misguided individual terrorist act. They however “forgot” that this attack expressed the legitimate hatred of the oppressed against the British army which is one of the biggest imperialist killing machines of the world. Similarly in Sweden the left failed to side with, take part and carry a revolutionary line into the migrant youth rebellion.

In addition to our statements dealing with current issues of the class struggle in Europe, we also reprint a longer article from Michael Pröbsting on the question of the European Unification. The article was originally published in 2008 and deals with the EU Reform Treaty.

A consistent internationalist and anti-imperialist program is not only important in Europe but also in Syria and Israel/Occupied Palestine. The Internationalist Socialist League (RCIT-Section in Israel/Occupied Palestine) is fighting for such a program in words and deeds as readers can see from the statement as well as the reports from Yossi Schwartz and Shmuel Yerushalmi in this issue.

We remind our readers in this context to the issue No. 10 of this journal which we published just recently. In this issue of Revolutionary Communism we printed two substantial theoretical documents which deal with historical and actual question of the revolutionary program in Israel/Occupied Palestine. Yossi Schwartz elaborates the revolutionary position in the 1948 War between Israel and the Arab states which led to the expulsion of the Palestinian people from their homelands. He also shows the serious political failures of the Trotskyists in Palestine in the 1930s and 1940s. The other document – written by Michael Pröbsting – deals with a number of central questions of the program of Permanent Revolution in Palestine today. He elaborates the specifics of Israel as a colonial settler state which has become a small imperialist power and its consequences for the revolutionary strategy. This issue of Revolutionary Communism can be ordered via our contact address.

International class struggle and the need for solidarity of course are not limited to Turkey and the Middle East. In Brazil a militant strike of the teachers in São Paulo took place which in the end was sold out by the pro-PT union bureaucracy with the support of various centrists. We have issued a statement of solidarity together with Brazilian revolutionary teachers. We also republish in this issue a call for international solidarity with a group in Chile – the Colectivo “Revolución Permanente” – which faces serious repression by the bourgeois state.

The timely formation and unification of revolutionary forces around the world is therefore more urgent than ever. The RCIT has therefore issued an “Open Letter for Revolutionary Unification” which already has been translated into several languages. In this letter we outline a series of important question of the world class struggle and which in our opinion are decisive for the revolutionary program today. Hence we consider a serious discussion and hopefully agreement on these issues as necessary to move forward in unifying and strengthening the authentic Bolshevik forces internationally in the present period. We urge our readers to study our Open Letter and let us know their agreements and disagreements.


4th June 2013

Editorial Board of the Journal Revolutionary Communism