Editorial for Revolutionary Communism No. 8



Issue number 8 of the RCIT’s English language journal Revolutionary Communism is published at a time of important political developments. To name just a few: The imperialist intervention in Mali, the escalation of the civil war in Syria, pre-revolutionary developments in Bulgaria, threats of the Western Great Powers against North Korea and the death of Venezuela’s president Hugo Chavez. Our journal reflects these developments, which once more underline the fundamental unstable, explosive character of the present historic period.

As we already stated in the editorial of the last issue of Revolutionary Communism, we are publishing number 7 and 8 of this journal with a short time interval between them. The reason for this has been the priority we gave to finalizing and publishing our new book on imperialism and the super-exploitation of the semi-colonial world called THE GREAT ROBBERY OF THE SOUTH (see below).

Issue number 7 was dedicated to the class struggle and the obstacles for the revolutionary way forward for the working class in Palestine and Syria as well as a theoretical analysis of Islamism. This issue focuses on areas of class struggle outside of the Middle East.

We publish a statement of the RCIT on France’s imperialist War in Mali as well as a report from a protest rally in Austria. We outline the Marxist position of support for the oppressed people fighting against imperialist invaders and their local allies without giving any political support for the petty-bourgeois or bourgeois leadership of the resistance. We also show the treacherous, social-imperialist position of the French Communist Party PCF – a key component of the ex-Stalinist European Left Party – which supports the colonial war of the social democratic Hollande government.

We also reprint a statement of the RCIT which condemns the imperialist threats against the North Korea. We call for the defense of the country – which is a degenerated workers state – while at the same time advocating a political revolution against the Stalinist dictatorship of Kim Jong-un. This statement was endorsed by the Internationalist Socialist League (Israel/Occupied Palestine) with whom we are in an intensive process of discussion and collaboration.

The section on Latin America contains an obituary for Hugo Chavez who died recently. Michael Pröbsting explains in this article why the Bolivarian regime in Venezuela has a bourgeois and not a socialist character. However, he also shows why, at the same time, the international workers movement must defend the regime against the imperialist counter-revolution and defend certain gains of the revolutionary process.

Additionally, we reprint a balance sheet of the Fracción Leninista Trotskista Internacional of the spontaneous Hunger Uprising in Argentina which took place in December 2012. We also include a letter which the RCIT sent the FLTI comrades and which deals with issues of this Uprising.

While the focus of this issue is on areas of class struggle outside of the Middle East, it also contains a recently written article on Syria by Yossi Schwartz from the ISL. He combines an analysis of the class character of the Assad regime and of the inner contradictions of the rebel movement with a programmatic perspective for the democratic revolution to open the road for working class power and the socialist revolution.

The mass demonstrations in Bulgaria which led to the overthrow of the conservative government of Boiko Borissov show that the chain of revolutionary events has now also reached Eastern Europe. These developments are analyzed both in a statement of the Revolutionary Communist Organization for Liberation (RKOB, Austrian Section of the RCIT) as well as in a subsequent article from Michael Pröbsting.

Last November Europe faced a continent-wide Day of Action against the Austerity policy for the first time. A statement of the RCIT elaborates the progress which this international class struggle event represents as well as its limitations caused by the treacherous character of the reformist leadership of the trade unions, social democracy as well as the European Left Party.

A major component of this issue is the Theses on the World Situation and the Tasks of the Bolshevik-Communists. In this document – adopted by the recent meeting of the RCIT’s International Executive Committee – we give an overview of the central characteristics of the present phase of capitalism’s decline. We outline the most important contradictions of the world situation as well as the progress and obstacles of the class struggle. The Theses also deal with the features of the deep crisis of working class leadership and outline a perspective on how to fight for the formation of authentic revolutionary parties nationally and internationally.

The document outlines that “not only has capitalism entered a new historic period of massive instability and sharp turns, but the international workers movement has too. (...) Those forces, who don’t understand the character of the period and its corresponding tasks, are doomed to degenerate more and more and get pushed to the right. For those forces however, who are coming closer to an understanding of the sharply antagonistic nature of the present period, who are willing to join the masses in their struggles – in particular the lower strata of the working class and the oppressed – without arrogantly sneering about their “backward consciousness” and who are at the same time determined to fight intransigently for the revolutionary program and who ruthlessly attack the reformist and centrist traitors – those forces can revolve themselves and play a healthy and utterly positive role in the struggle to build the new World Party of Socialist Revolution.

In our section “From the Archives of Marxism” we reprint the article Dialectic and Logic, written by Georgi Plekhanov. In this article Plekhanov – often called the “founder of Russian Marxism” – gives a useful outline of the materialistic conception of dialectics. The article was originally published in 1908.

Finally, we want to draw our reader’s attention to a new book which the RCIT has published in February 2013. As mentioned above the book is called THE GREAT ROBBERY OF THE SOUTH. The book’s subtitle is: Continuity and Changes in the Super-Exploitation of the Semi-Colonial World by Monopoly Capital. Consequences for the Marxist Theory of Imperialism. The book is in the English language. It has 15 chapters, 448 pages and includes 139 Tables and Figures. The author of the book is Michael Pröbsting who is the International Secretary of the RCIT. More details of the book and how to order it can be seen on page 32 in this journal.

21th March 2013

Editorial Board of the Journal Revolutionary Communism