Editorial for Revolutionary Communism No. 9


We welcome our readers to issue number 9 of the RCIT’s English language journal Revolutionary Communism. In this issue we announce the fusion of the RCIT and the Internationalist Socialist League (Israel/Occupied Palestine). This fusion is the result of a process of discussion and practical collaboration as well as a visit of a representative of the RCIT’s International Secretariat to Israel/Occupied Palestine. As our Declaration of Fusion elaborates we have achieved a broad range of agreements both on programmatic issues as well as on questions of party-building methods. This fusion will not only strengthen the revolutionary forces world-wide. It also represents a step forward to build a revolutionary party in a country which is a key both for the Arab Revolution as well as for imperialism.

Consequently a central issue of this journal is the explosive development of the class struggle in Israel/Occupied Palestine and the whole Middle East. The Arab Revolution is by far the most important single class struggle event in the new revolutionary historic period which opened in 2008. We therefore publish a number of statements and articles on this issue, mostly written by the ISL and comrade Yossi Schwartz, a Jewish anti-Zionist Trotskyist in Israel for more than four decades and a leading member of the ISL.

In statements on the Land Day and the Nakba Day as well as several articles we outline the close connection of the issue of national liberation of Palestine and the need for socialist revolution and working class power. Understanding this connection is a key for the application of Trotsky’s theory of Permanent Revolution. It is the only way to avoid two traps for the working class struggle. One danger is reformist capitulation to Zionism – as the Stalinist Rakah/Hadash Party or the Israeli section of the centrist CWI (Maavak Sotzyalisti) do as they support the Two-State-Slogan (a mini-Palestine state beside powerful Israel). Another danger is the illusionary perspective of a single state on the whole of Palestine on a capitalist basis.

The ISL and the RCIT are fighting for a program which rejects both misleading perspectives. We support the right of return for all Palestinian refugees to their homeland and the replacement of the Israeli state by a single Republic from the River to the Sea. Such a Republic will be democratic and multinational and it can become such only if it is a Workers and Fallahin (Peasants in Arabic) Republic.

It is in this context that we reprint in our section “From the Archives of Marxism” a letter from Leon Trotsky to South African comrades in April 1935. In this letter Trotsky takes the example of the Apartheid state South Africa and shows the way to combine the tasks of the democratic revolution – in particular the national liberation and the agrarian question – with the goal of socialist revolution.

In other articles we deal with the perspective of the class struggle in Egypt and Syria. We show that the working class must not put any trust in the bourgeois Islamist forces which are prepared to collaborate with the imperialist powers. While it will necessary to apply the united front tactics towards Islamists where they represent sectors of the masses who are fighting against imperialism and reactionary dictators, we call for the independent organization and mobilization of the working class with the perspective of socialist revolution.

Another important question is the threat of a sell-out of the Kurdish national liberation struggle. The PKK leadership seems to be prepared to sign a rotten agreement with the bourgeois Islamist government of Erdogan’s AKP. This would represent a kind of Kurdish version of the treacherous Oslo agreement which Arafat and the PLO leadership agreed with the Zionist state in 1993.

The revolutionary struggle in the Middle East is a central component of the working class against imperialist domination. Every single struggle in individual countries must be linked with the perspective to smash the imperialist monopolies and Great Powers which are plundering and dominating the semi-colonial world. In this context we want to draw our reader’s attention to a new book which the RCIT has published in February 2013. It is called THE GREAT ROBBERY OF THE SOUTH. The book’s subtitle is: Continuity and Changes in the Super-Exploitation of the Semi-Colonial World by Monopoly Capital. Consequences for the Marxist Theory of Imperialism. The book is in the English language. It has 15 chapters, 448 pages and includes 139 Tables and Figures. The author of the book is Michael Pröbsting who is the International Secretary of the RCIT. More details of the book and how to order it can be seen on page 41 in this journal.

Another central issue of this journal is the development of the class struggle in Europe. Comrade Nina Gunić writes about the heroic struggle of the migrants in Greece and elaborates the revolutionary program of struggle against racism.

We also reprint the RCIT and ISL statement on the draconic EU-Troika plans against the small island Cyprus. We show that the reformist AKEL – an ex-Stalinist party allied with the European Left Party – collaborated with the International Monetary Fund when it was in government until a few months ago and supported key laws which the parliament in Cyprus voted on to serve the Troika’s dictates. The working class must break with such lackeys of imperialism and build its own, independent and revolutionary workers party.

An article about the reactionary mobilizations against the rights of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community in France shows that the working class movement must support the democratic rights of all oppressed layers.

Finally we reprint a study which comrade Michael Pröbsting wrote about the inner contradictions of the EU project of imperialist unification of Europe. This article was originally published in 2004 but its fundamental analysis remains highly contemporary.

We also print two articles on important events in the USA. Comrade Adam Beltz reports about the strike of the teachers in Strongsville. He shows the pathetic role of the union bureaucracy and outlines central slogans for the strike to win.

We also reprint a MayDay statement from the Communist Workers Group (USA) on the Boston bombing which elaborates a correct position in this event and denounces the hypocritical stand of the bourgeois media when much bigger catastrophes for the working class take place (like the explosion of a fertilizer plant in West, Texas, which killed 15 people or the factory complex collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh, which killed at least 350 garment workers.


30th April 2013

Editorial Board of the Journal Revolutionary Communism