Revolutionary Communism No.10 (Contents & Download)

Below you find the contents of issue No.10 of the RCIT’s Journal Revolutionary Communismas well as a link to download it. You can also order it via our contact adress. It costs €5 / $7 / £4,5 (plus delivery charges)



Revolutionary Communism No. 10, June 2013



Yossi Schwartz: Israel‘s War of 1948 and the Degeneration of the Fourth International

The Zionist’s Aim in the 1948 War

Revolutionary Wave after the Second World War

Stalinism supported Israel’s reactionary War in 1948

Shachtmanite Right-Wing Centrism supports Israel’s reactionary War in 1948

The increasingly centrist Fourth International remains neutral in the 1948 War

The Birth of Palestinian Trotskyism

Tony Cliff’s Autobiography

The Palestinian Revolt in 1929

Show Commission

The Arab Uprising in 1936-39

The Debate with the South African Workers Party (WPSA)

Trotsky’s struggle against Cliff and the RCL on the question of revolutionary defeatism before WWII

The RCL and the 1948 War


Michael Pröbsting: Zionist Oppression and the Permanent Revolution in Palestine

Trotsky’s Theory of the Permanent Revolution

The uniqueness of Israel as a colonial settler and oppressor state

The Israeli Jews as a nationality or an “almost nation”

Can Marxists support the right of national self-determination for the Israeli Jews?

The Marxist classics and the right of national self-determination

Revolutionary Defeatism against Israel in its Wars and Revolutionary Defensism for the Arab countries

Israel’s development into an imperialist state

Is Israel a fascist state?

Who will the vanguard of the Revolution in Palestine?

The Palestinian Revolution must begin as a national, democratic revolution leading to the socialist revolution

Oppression of Women

The role of Women in the national liberation struggle

What should be the slogans for power in the Permanent Revolution in Palestine?

On the slogan of a “single democratic state in Palestine”

The Arab Revolution and its consequences for the Palestinian Liberation Struggle



New RCIT Book by Michael Pröbsting: THE GREAT ROBBERY OF THE SOUTH

From the Archives of Marxism:

The Spark (South Africa): Zionism and the Arab Struggle (1938)

RCIT: What do we stand for

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