Revolutionary Communism No.13 (Contents & Download)

Revolutionary Communism Special Issue on Egypt, No. 13, September 2013



Below you find the contents of issue No.13 of the RCIT’s Journal Revolutionary Communismas well as a link to download it. You can also order it via our contact adress. It costs €5 / $7 / £4,5 (plus delivery charges)



Egypt: International Solidarity against the Army Crackdown!


RKOB Leaflet: Down with the Military Dictatorship in Egypt!


Austria: Rally in Solidarity with the Resistance in Egypt, 23.8.


Austria: Demonstration against military dictatorship in Egypt, 18.8.


Israel and the Coup in Egypt


Egypt: Appeal for solidarity after steel workers arrested by army


Egypt: Mobilize Resistance against the reactionary military regime!


The Coup d‘État in Egypt and the Bankruptcy of the Left’s “Army Socialism”


                I. An advance or a setback for the Egyptian Revolution?


                II. The Assessment of the Coup: Discussing the arguments of our critiques


                III. The Marxist classics on reactionary coups d’états


                IV. The revolutionary democratic program and the slogan of a Revolutionary Constituent Assembly




New RCIT Book by Michael Pröbsting: THE GREAT ROBBERY OF THE SOUTH


New RCIT Book by Michael Pröbsting: CUBA‘S REVOLUTION SOLD OUT?


RCIT: What do we stand for


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