Revolutionary Communism No.15 (Contents & Download)

Revolutionary Communism No. 15, October 2013




Open Letter on the Arab Revolution


Syria: Down with the Imperialist Geneva Accord!


Austria: Report on Rally against a possible NATO Attack on Syria


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Oppression of the Palestinian People Continues


Israel/Occupied Palestine: “Peace Negotiations”?


Brazil: On the National Day of Struggle on 30 August


Brazil: Indefinite Nationwide Strike of Bank Workers!


Greece: Honor Pavlos Fyssas! Smash the fascist Golden Dawn!


Greece: Speech of Nina Gunić on Perspectives of Resistance


Greece: Solidarity with Michael-Matsas!


Japan: Horror without End in Fukushima


Theses on the World Situation


New RCIT Book by Michael Pröbsting: CUBA‘S REVOLUTION SOLD OUT?


Heated debate at public meeting about the RCIT book on Cuba Report


New RCIT Book by Michael Pröbsting: THE GREAT ROBBERY OF THE SOUTH



From the Archives of Marxism:

Leon Trotsky: The Spanish Revolution and the Dangers threatening it (1931)


RCIT: What do we stand for

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