Revolutionary Communism No.16 (Contents & Download)

Revolutionary Communism No. 16, November 2013




A Change in the Relations between Iran and US imperialism?


Syria: The Butcher in his own Words


Brazil in the Months after the ‘Days of June’


100 Questions and Answers on Socialism

I. Economic Foundations of the Society

II. Working Class and Socialism

III. Struggle against Imperialism

IV. Revolutionary Party

V. Enemies of the Working Class

VI. Enemies within the Ranks of our Class

VII. In the Trade Unions

VIII. Women‘s Liberation

IX. The Agrarian Question and Liberation of the Peasants in the Semi-Colonial World

X. For the Rights of Migrants!

XI. For the Rights of Young People and Homosexuals!

XII. Our History and Traditions


Healy’s Pupils Fail to Break with their Master

The revolutionary tradition of the Fourth International and the centrist tradition of its Epigones Gerry Healy and the ”International Committee”. A Reply from the RCIT to ”Socialist Fight”

I. Incessant Confusion of Facts and Positions

II. The Supposed “Revolutionary Continuity” of Healy and the International Committee

III. Conclusions and Perspectives



New Books from the RCIT


RCIT: What do we stand for

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