Revolutionary Communism No. 17, December 2013


Below you find the contents of issue No.17 of the RCIT’s Journal Revolutionary Communisms. You can order it via our contact address. It costs €5 / $7 / £4,5 (plus delivery charges)





Solidarity with the Migrant Workers against Saudi Government!


The Myth of Assad’s Syria as an Anti-Imperialist Regime


Austria: Successful School Student Strike on 6.December 2013!


Austria: Red*REVOLUTION calls for 2nd School Student Strike


Austria: School Students protest against education cuts!


Austria: Red*REVOLUTION‘s Press Conference well attended by Media


Brazil: Speech at Teacher’s Trade Union Congress


Thailand: Defeat the looming reactionary Coup D’état!


Philippines after the Typhoon: For International Workers Aid!


Theses on capitalism and class struggle in Bangladesh


South Africa: Centrism, ANC and the Democratic Counterrevolution in 1994


New Book from the RCIT: The Great Robbery of the South


New Book from the RCIT: Cuba‘s Revolution Sold Out?


RCIT: What do we stand for


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