Revolutionary Communism No. 18, February 2014

Below you find the contents of the latest issue of the RCIT’s Journal Revolutionary Communism. Each copy costs Price: €5 / $7 / £4,5 (plus delivery charges)



Greetings for New Year 2014 from the RCIT


Central African Republic: Workers and peasants from all communities: Unite to expel French imperialism


Cambodia: Long Live the Heroic Struggle of the Textile Workers!


Thailand: CWI’s Disgraceful Support for the Bosses’ “Yellow Shirts”


Sri Lanka: The Haves and the Have Nots


Egypt: Down with General Sisi’s pro-Army Constitution! Boycott the Referendum!


Austria: Solidarity with the Resistance against the Military Dictatorship in Egypt!


Down with Israel’s war on the Palestinians! For A Free Red Palestine from the River to the Sea!


Israel: Release All Palestinians Political Prisoners!


Brazil: From the June protests on the streets towards the path of electoral illusions?


Ukraine: Neither Brussels nor Moscow! For an independent Workers’ Republic!


Austria: The Great Second School Student Strike on December 12! (plus several other reports)


Austria: Successful Conference of Red*REVOLUTION and Greetings to Revolutionaries around the World


RCIT-Theses on Revolutionary Trade Union Policy


Cuba’s Revolution Sold Out? (Summary of the RCIT Book)


New Book from the RCIT: The Great Robbery of the South


New Book from the RCIT: Cuba‘s Revolution Sold Out?


RCIT: What do we stand for


Revolutionary Communism No. 18 has 40 pages.

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