Revolutionary Communism No. 22, May 2014

May Day 2014: Joint Statement


Elections in South Africa: No Vote for the ANC! Critical Support for the WASP! Forward in Building a Mass Workers Party!


Egypt: Solidarity against General Sisi’s Machinery of Repression!


Report on the demonstration against the military regime in Egypt


Israel: Long live International Women’s Day!


Tunisia: For the immediate Release of David Leandro Hofstadter!


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Enough with Symbolic Protests!


Brazil: Report on Teachers Trade Union Assembly on 4.4.2014


Brazil: Report on Teachers Trade Union Assembly on 11.4.2014


Counterrevolution and Mass Resistance in the Ukraine


Russia and China as Great Imperialist Powers


Russia and China: Reply to Chris Slee and Walter Daum


Theses on Recent Major Developments in the World Situation (April 2014)


Successful Meeting on Book Launch of German Translation of “The Great Robbery of the South”


New Books from the RCIT


Revolutionary Communism No. 22 has 52 pages.

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