Revolutionary Communism No. 23, June 2014

Thailand: Smash the Developing Military Coup!


Thailand: How Should Socialists Fight Against the Coup?


Thailand: Ultra-Leftism and the Coup


The Conflict over the Paracel Islands in East Asia


Ukraine: After the Fascist Pogrom in Odessa


Russia: Stop the Attacks on Migrant Workers Rights!


Russia continues its Repression against Migrants


General Sisi: The Butcher of the Egyptian People


Report of a Demonstration against the military dictatorship in Egypt


The Fatah-Hamas Agreement – Another Road to Nowhere


Israel/Occupied Palestine: Interview with Hila Slutsky


Open Letter to a South African Socialist on the Elections


Brazil: Unify the struggles!


Austria: Police Defends Fascists and Attacks Anti-Fascists!


25 years ago: The Chinese Stalinist’s Tiananmen Square Massacre


New Book from the RCIT: The Great Robbery of the South


New Book from the RCIT: Cuba‘s Revolution Sold Out?


RCIT: What do we stand for


Revolutionary Communism No. 22 has 40 pages.

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