Third Issue of the RCIT’s English-language Journal Revolutionary Communism

The RCIT has published the third issue of Revolutionary Communism in June 2012. It contains the following articles:


* Editorial


* Greece: For a Workers‘ Government! Critical electoral support for SYRIZA and KKE! Workers: Organize and prepare yourselves for the struggle for power! (Michael Pröbsting)


* Greece: After SYRIZA’s victory in the elections on 6th May: The question of a Workers Government and the revolutionary way forward (Michael Pröbsting)


* Action Programme for Pakistan: Our goal – socialism, our way – the revolution, our instrument – the revolutionary party! (Revolutionary Workers Organisation, Pakistan)


* Report from Pakistan: Murderous attack on Sindhi rally in Karachi. For a socialist programm against national oppression! (Shujat Liaqat)


* For a free and socialist Azawad! Our attitude to the freedom struggle of the Tuareg people in Mali (Johannes Wiener)


* France: Attack in Toulouse. What was behind it and what will happen now? (Nina Gunić)


* Chinese Workers and Peasants Confront Chinese Imperialism: For the Socialist Revolution! (Communist Workers‘ Group of Aotearoa/New Zealand)


* Zimbabwe: Forward to a Civil Service General Strike! (Leaflet from the Revolutionary Workers Group (RWG) Zimbabwe)


* Where is the „League for the Fifth International“ drifting? A Letter from the RCIT to the LFI comrades (Michael Pröbsting and Shujat Liaqat)


* RCIT: What do we stand for


The journal has 48 pages (A4 format).


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