Revolutionary Communism No. 31, February 2015

Elections in Greece: Vote SYRIZA

Greek Elections: SYRIZA Wins and Forms Alliance with ANEL

France after the Attacks in Paris: Defend the Muslim People

France: “Communist” Party fails to Vote in Parliament against War!

Socialists must Join Hands with Muslim People Against Imperialism and Racism!

The Racist Character of Charlie Hebdo

Austria: Mass Demonstration Stops Islamophobic March

Austria: Bourgeois Court Convicts Antifascist Activist Clemens

Austria: Spirited Meeting in Solidarity with the Resistance in Egypt

Austria: Successful Collection of Clothes for hard-pressed Kurds

Austria: Founding Conference of a new Workers Organization

Borotba activists missing in Donetsk

Israel: The violent price of Zionist elections

Israel: Women are not transparent – they make revolutions!

Israel: Once Again, Zionist Fascist Vandalism

Israel, Hands Off Al-Aqsa! Down with the Israeli Apartheid State!

Pakistan: Neglected Flood Victims protest against the Government

Brazil: Right-Wing Opposition threatens with a Coup d’État

Brazil: Neither Rousseff/Temer – Nor Neves/Nunes!

Burkina Faso: Long Live the Popular Uprising!

US: For a Revolutionary Black Liberation Movement!

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