Fourth Issue of the RCIT’s English-language Journal Revolutionary Communism

The RCIT has published the fourth issue of Revolutionary Communism in August 2012. It contains the following articles:


Editorial p. 3

China‘s transformation into an imperialist power
A study of the economic, political and military aspects of China as a Great Power, by Michael Pröbsting p. 4

What are the criteria for an imperialist state? p. 5

China’s race to a world leading economy p. 7

China’s Monopolies p. 8

Exploitation and super-exploitation of the working class p. 9

Capital export as bond and loan capital p.13

Capital export as Foreign Direct Investment p.15

A note on Hong Kong’s role in Foreign Direct Investment p.15

Where is China investing abroad? p.16

Super-exploitation of the semi-colonies p.17

China’s military forces p.17

The struggle for control over the South China (or East) Sea p.18

The approach of the Bolshevik-Communists towards possible wars involving China p.21

Why did China’s rulers succeed in becoming imperialist where others failed? p.25

Notes p.29

Miners’ strike in South Africa: Perspectives and some first lessons
Statement of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency, 20.8.2012 p. 33

Marikana massacre - a proposed way forward
Leaflet from the Workers International Vanguard Party on the Marikana Strike, 19.8.2012 p. 36

The real situation of the miners in Marikana in South Africa
Michael Pröbsting, 21.8.2012 p. 38

South Africa: The “Communist” Party calls the police to arrest the miners‘ leaders, by Michael Pröbsting, 17.8.2012 p. 38

Pakistan: Young doctors fight for their rights
Shujat Liaqat (Pakistan), 25.7.2012 p. 40

Sri Lanka: To whom does the country belong?
M.A. p. 41

Canada: Victory to the university student struggle in Quebec!
Richard Thompson, 28.6.2012 p. 42

From the Archives of Marxism:
Rudolf Klement: Principles and tactics in war (1937) p. 44

RCIT: What do we stand for p. 47


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