Revolutionary Communism No. 45 (January 2016)

English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT)





Greetings for New Year 2016 from the RCIT

Open Letter to All Revolutionary Organizations and Activists

Argentina: Prepare for Workers’ and Popular Mass Resistance against the New Macri Administration!

Brazil: No to Impeachment! No to the Call for New Elections!

Great Powers Aim to Liquidate the Syrian Revolution!

Imperialist Counterrevolution Threatens the Syrian Revolution!

Why Revolutionary Marxists Oppose Daesh/ISIL

Increasing Instability and Militarization in the European Union

Terror in Paris is the Result of Imperialist Terror in the Middle East!

Stop Cameron’s War Drive against the Syrian People!

Portugal: For a Workers’ Offensive against Austerity!

Britain: Statement on the Public Controversy about the STOP THE WAR Coalition

China’s “Socialist“ Billionaires

RCIT: What do we stand for

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