Fifth Issue of the RCIT’s English-language Journal Revolutionary Communism

The RCIT has published the fifth issue of Revolutionary Communism in September 2012. It contains the following articles:


Editorial p.3


Stop the imperialist witch-hunt against WikiLeaks founder Assange!

Statement of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency, 25.8.2012 p.4


South Africa: We condemn the charging of the surviving miners

Statement of the Workers International Vanguard Party on the Marikana Strike, 31.8.2012 p.6


South Africa: We denounce the Marikana Commission of Inquiry!

Statement of the Workers International Vanguard Party on the Marikana Strike, 26.8.2012 p.7


South Africa: List of the dead mineworkers at Marikana p.9


After the elections on 17th June: A new phase of the Greek Revolution

Michael Pröbsting, 19.6.2012 p.10


Building a militant trade union in the telecommunication sector in Greece

Interview with Sophia Theodoropoulou (OKDE, Greece), August 2012 p.14


Fighting for the liberation of the Kurdish people in Turkey!

Interview with Sedat Durel and Fuat Karan (İşçi Cephesi, Turkey), August 2012 p.20


Bosnia: Never forget Sebrenica - learn the lessons for today!

by Nina Gunić p. 22


Liberation struggles and imperialist interference:

The failure of sectarian “anti-imperialism” in the West:

Some general considerations and the example of Libya in 2011

Michael Pröbsting p.25


Thesis on Maoism

Michael Pröbsting p.35


From the Archives of Marxism:


Leon Trotsky: Learn To Think. A Friendly Suggestion to Certain Ultra-Leftists p. 38


Vladimir Ilyich Lenin: On the Question of Dialectics p. 40


RCIT: What do we stand for p. 42