Revolutionary Communism No. 62 (February 2017)

English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT)




The Syrian Revolution and the Assassination of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey
Austria: Successful Meeting in Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution
Austria: Ongoing Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution!
After the Fall of Aleppo: Militant Protest of Syria Refugees
Turkey: Immediately Release All Arrested HDP Leaders!
Following the Murder of Mousine Fikri: Solidarity with the Mass Protests in Morocco!
Once Again - the True Face of the Zionist State is Exposed, but is this Fascism?
The Israeli Racist Government is Killing now once again Palestinians Citizens of Israel
Israel / Occupied Palestine: Azaria Guilty of Manslaughter
The Arrest of Basel Ghattas - the Political Persecution Reflects the End of Zionism
Israel / Occupied Palestine: Rally in Solidarity with Basel Ghattas
Israeli Government Pushes for Atmosphere of Lynching of the Palestinians Citizens of Israel!
Mexico: Socialist Perspectives for the Mass Protests against the Gasolinazo
The Outlaw Regime of Brazil Intensifies Its Attacks against the Working Class
Brazil: Resistance by the Youth is the Road to the Mass Movement
Brazil: An Analysis of the Election Results for Mayor and Councilors in Brazil 2016
RCIT: What We Stand For

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