Revolutionary Communism No. 64 (April 2017)

English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT)




Defeat the Imperialist Invasion in Syria! Victory to the Revolution!
For the Revival of the Syrian Revolution! Report of a Solidarity Rally
Israel / Occupied Palestine: The Case of Azaria Demonstrates the Zionist Definition of “Justice”
Brazil: Army troops in the streets as the Temer Government advances its attacks against the workers
Brazil: Fight against the recession and the proposed pension reform
Solidarity with the General Strike in French Guiana!
Elections in France under Conditions of a State in Emergency
EU Politicians Call for Banning of Turkish Politicians
Brexit and the Crisis of British Imperialism
Stalinists Attack Contingent of Austrian Section of RCIT at Pro-Refugee Demonstration
The Slogan of “Workers’” Immigration Control: A Concession to Social-Chauvinism
A Historical Review of English Art from 1900-1940 (Part 1)
A Historical Review of English Art from 1900-1940 (Part 2)
RCIT: What We Stand For

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