Revolutionary Communism No. 66 (May 2017)

English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT)




Revolutionary Statement for May Day 2017
North Korea: Stop the War Mongering of US Imperialism!
Stop Persecution of Homosexuals in Chechnya!
Support the Demands of the Palestinian Freedom Fighters in Israeli Prisons!
Syria: Was the Chemical Attack a “False Flag” Operation?
Syria: No to Trump’s Missiles Strike!
Draft Platform of Syrian Revolutionaries
Report: Rally against Assad’s Genocidal Attack on Idlib (Syria)
Press Conference on Assad’s Chemical Weapons Attack and the US Air Strike
Protest against the Chemical Weapons Massacre by the Assad Regime!
Raqqa: Defeat the US Imperialist Offensive!
The Market Marxists - Two remarkable documents from the ex-Trotskyist L5I

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