Revolutionary Communism No. 68 (June 2017)

English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT)




Syria: Condemn the Reactionary Astana Deal!
Joint Statement on Astana Deal
Brazil: Out to the Streets to Bring Down the Temer Government!
Presidential Elections in France: Neither Le Pen nor Macron!
Terror Comes To Manchester - War Comes Home
UK General Election 8. June 2017: Vote for Labour – but organize the resistance!
Austria: Multi-National May Day Rally for International Solidarity
The Guardians of Swedish Imperialist Democracy (Polemic vs. the L5I)
The Pseudo-Trotskyist L5I Congratulates the British Police for Their Service
A Social-Chauvinist Defence of the Indefensible (Reply to the CWG/LCC)
Patriotic “Anti-Capitalism” for Fools (Polemic vs. the CWG/LCC)

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