Revolutionary Communism No. 69 (July 2017)

English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT)




Qatar-Gulf Crisis: Another Offensive of the Arab Counter-Revolution
Down with the Assad Tyranny! Victory to the Syrian Revolution!
Defeat the US-Israeli Imperialist Warmongering!
Free Nasser Zefzafi and all other political prisoners! Long Live the Popular Protests in Morocco!
Where does the RCIT Stand on Russia’s Occupation of Chechnya?
UK: Grenfall Tower Fire: When a Poor Man’s Life Isn’t Worth £8!
Britain: Elections are a disaster for Theresa May and the capitalists!
Second Terror Attack Comes to Britain
Dialectics and Wars in the Present Period: Preface to Rudolf Klement’s ‘Principles and Tactics in War’
Rudolf Klement: Principles and Tactics in War (1938)

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