Revolutionary Communism No. 73 (September 2017)

English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT)




North Korea: Stop the American Warmongers!
US Sanctions against Russia, Iran, and North Korea are an Economic Declaration of War
There is No Progressive Camp in the China-India Border Conflict!

How the Pentagon Views the World Situation
A New Study by the US Military Confirms Marxists’ Analysis of the Current Historic Period
Introductory Remarks
“An Environment where the one Certainty is in fact Uncertainty”
The “Status Quo,” “Revisionist,” “Revolutionary” and “Rejectionist” Forces
The “Post-US Primacy” Period: Recognition of the Decline of US Imperialism as the Absolute Hegemonic Great Power
The Emergence of China and Russia as Imperialist Powers and the Acceleration of the Rivalry between the Great Power
A Looming Global “Arab Spring”?
The Struggle for Hearts and Minds
More Imperialist Wars
Ideological Warfare: “The Strategic Manipulation of Perceptions”
“Gray-Zone” Challenge, Surge Demands, New Strategy: The Call for a Bonapartist Regime and the Restriction of Bourgeois Democracy
Historic Analogies
Final Remarks

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