Revolutionary Communism No. 75 (November 2017)


English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT)




Kenya: Active Boycott of the Election – Prepare for the Uprising!
Kenya: Stop the Repression against Students!
Solidarity with the Mass Protests against the Gnassingbé Regime in Togo!
Zambia at 53: Still Not Free – Aluta Continua!!!
Zambian Copper On Wheels: Whereto? Re-Nationalization A Matter of Life or Death!
Interview: “Ghana’s Leaders are all Puppets of imperialist organisation”
Yemen – Thirsty, Sick and War-Ridden!
Syria: Putin, the Astana Deal and the Role of the U.S.
The Revelations of a U.S. General on Washington’s Allies in Syria
Syria: Assad’s Army and ISIS Act Hand in Hand
Syria: A Very Instructive Episode
Russia’s Air Force supports Daesh against Syrian Liberation Fighters
Syria: The Turkish-Russian Invasion against Idlib has begun!
On the Kurdish Referendum in Iraq
Israel / Occupied Palestine: Hadash, 72 days is long enough!
The Addicted Warmonger in the White House
Brazil: Under the permanent Shadow of a Military Coup
Long live the Catalan Republic!
Catalonia’s Leaders fear Consistent Struggle for Independence

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