Revolutionary Communism No.8 (Contents & Download)

Below you find the contents of issue No.8 of the RCIT’s Journal Revolutionary Communism as well as a link to download it. You can also order it via our contact adress. It costs €5 / $7 / £4,5 (plus delivery charges)


Revolutionary Communism No. 8, April 2013



Down with France’s Colonial War in Mali!

Protest Rally in Vienna against the French Invasion in Mali

New Imperialist Threats in East Asia: Hands off North Korea!

Obituary for Hugo Chavez Frias, 1954 - 2013

Report on the Uprisings for Bread in Argentina

On the spontaneous Hunger Uprising in Argentina

Victory to the Revolution in Syria! The second anniversary of the uprising in Syria

Greetings for New Year 2013 from the RCIT

Bulgaria: All power to the Working Class!

No “Public Council“, but real Councils of the Workers and Poor all over Bulgaria!

N14: An important first step – but not enough!

New RCIT Book by Michael Pröbsting: THE GREAT ROBBERY OF THE SOUTH

The World Situation and the Tasks of the Bolshevik-Communists

From the Archives of Marxism:

George Plekhanov: Dialectic and Logic (1908)

RCIT: What do we stand for

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