Revolutionary Liberation No.105

English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), No. 105, May 2020






MayDay Statement

COVID-19: Domestic Violence and the Lockdown

China: Solidarity with the Mass Protests in Hubei!

Argentina: No to Repression and Militarization under the Cover of COVID-19!

Nigeria: Oppose the Lock Down!

Nigeria: Against State Repression!

Nigeria: What Does The Invitation Of Chinese Medical Personnel Mean For The Nigerian Health Sector?

Kenya: Condemnation of the State Repression in Mombasa

Situation in Zimbabwe During the Corona Virus Pandemic Outbreak

Britain: COVID-19 is a Cover for State Repression

Britain: Blairite Keir Starmer is new leader of the Labour Party

What the RCIT Stands for


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