Revolutionary Liberation No.107

English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), No. 107, July 2020






Mexico: Stop Racism, Stop Impunity! (Report)

Brazil: Football Fans Organize Anti-Fascist Demonstrations

Mexico: Free Labor Rights Attorney Susana Prieto Terrazas!

Brazil: Militaries explicitly threaten with a new military Coup d’État

Brazil: Popular Manifestations against Bolsonaro Government!

Kenya: The Oppressed Masses demand “Stop Killing Us!” (Report)

Joint Platform: YES to Jobs, Food and Health! NO to Lockdown, State Repression and Poverty!

Nigeria: Rally in Solidarity with the #JusticeForUwa Campaign (Report)

Nigeria: Support the NARD strike!

Egypt’s Dictator Sisi Threatens to Invade Libya

RCIT’s International Secretary Michael Pröbsting Speaks on Morsi’s Death on famous Arab Channel WATAN TV

Occupied Palestine: Is a New Intifada in the Making?

China-India Border Conflict: Down with Chauvinist Warmongering on Both Sides!

“Big Brother” in China: The “Personal Health Index” App

Black Lives Matter Protests in Germany and Austria

What the RCIT Stands for


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