Revolutionary Liberation No.109

English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), No. 109, September 2020





Kenya: Report of the Pan African Women’s Day

Pan African Women’s Day: Message of Solidarity

Mali: The Imperialist Puppet Ruler Keita Has Fallen!

Bala Mubarak and the Rise of Nigerian State Bonapartism

Egypt: Rally on the 7th Anniversary on the Rabaa Massacre

Idlib/Syria: For the Immediate Release of the Journalist Bilal Abdul Kareem!

Popular Uprising in Lebanon: “Resign or Hang!”

Israel / Occupied Palestine: On the Anti-Netanyahu Demonstrations

Indian-Occupied Kashmir: Resistance in the Concentration Camp

India: Rally against the Oppression of the Kashmiri People

Thailand: Pro-Democracy Activists Protest against Bonapartist Regime!

UK: Starner dismisses Long-Bailey because of her Criticism on Israel

Open Letter to Belarusian Workers


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