Revolutionary Liberation No.112

English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), No. 112, December 2020





Ethiopia: Down with the Reactionary Civil War!

Nigeria: Defeat the Police and Army on the Streets!

Western Sahara: Down with the Aggression of the Morocco!

Saudi Arabia claims that Muslim Brotherhood is a “Terrorist Group”!

Austria: Hands Off Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas!

Anti-Muslim Racism in Austria: Michael Pröbsting speaks on Al Jazeera

Austria: Scandalous Bann of a Rally against Islamophobe Racism!

Austria: Daesh is the Bullet but Macron is the Political Assassin!

Anti-Muslim Racism in Austria: Michael Pröbsting speaks on TV Channel Arabi21

Media Coverage of Activities of Austrian RCIT Section against Islamophobic Racism

Britain: Split Labour NOW to form a New Workers Party!

Indonesia: Mass Protests against New Ombnibus Labour Law

Brazil: Debate about the U.S. Presidential Elections 2020

South Korean Marxists Publish New Booklet


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