Revolutionary Liberation No.120

English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), No. 120, July 2021





There are no left-wing and right-wing Zionists, only shades of right-wing Zionism!

On the Coalitions Negotiations in Israel

Syria: Rally against Assad’s Fake-Elections (Report with Pictures)

Nigeria: June 12: A Face-off with State Bonapartism!

Nigeria: Twitter Ban and Kidnappings

Nigeria: In Solidarity with Biafra Remembrance Day

Nigeria: Not Just Pantami But Out with Whole Fulani Hegemony!

Au Revoir, Français! French imperialism reduces its troops in Africa’s Sahel

Peru: The Meaning of Pedro Castillo’s Electoral Victory

Argentina: Socialists Organize Artistic Protests against Lockdown Policy

Argentina: Artistic Protests against Lockdown Gain International Media Attention Policy

Brazil: Military Police of Rio de Janeiro Executes 27 Residents in the Jacarezinho Favela

Brazil: Mass Demonstration to Bring Down Bolsonaro

Brazil: Mass Protest against Bolsonaro

Britain: Keir Starmer’s Labour Party is defeated in English Local Elections

Thousands Refugees try to reach the Spanish enclave on Moroccan land

Britain: Tens of Thousands Protest against the Lockdown Regime


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