Revolutionary Liberation No.122

English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), No. 122, August 2021





Successful Fusion of RCIT and Convergencia Socialista (Argentina)!

26 July: The Cuban Revolution is Dead! Long Live the Cuban Revolution!

Cuba: Support the Popular Masses in Struggle – for a true Socialist Revolution!

Solidarity with Mass Protests in Cuba: Greetings to Socialist Rally in Argentina

Argentina: Rally in Front of the Cuban Embassy

Argentina: Denounce the Stalinist Threats against Gabriela Capurro!

Debate in the Brazilian Left: Is China “Socialist”?

Brazil: 3rd July Shows Mobilizations against Bolsonaro is Growing!

Russia Fires Warning Shots against UK Warship in the Black Sea

Shooting incident in Black Sea: “Next Time We Will Bomb the Target”

“Maritime Freedom” – A Keyword of the U.S./NATO Warmongers

Skirmish in Black Sea: Imperialist Patriotism in the UK

UK: NHS March Against Privatisation

People’s Assembly Demonstration Against Austerity

Statistics about Who is Responsible for Killing Civilians in Syria

The Zionist Myth of the Zionist Pioneers (Haluzim)

Mass Vaccination Can Make You Rich … at least if you own a pharmaceutical corporation!

RCIT: What We Stand For


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