Revolutionary Liberation No.124

English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), No. 124, October 2021





Brazil: Don’t Wait for Elections – Defeat the Bolsonaro Government on the Streets!

Brazil: Bolsonaro fails in his call up for the extreme Right on Independence Day

Sri Lanka: Important Struggle of the Teachers

Sri Lanka: Government says no Money to Solve Teachers’ Salary Anomalies

Cambodia: Union Leader Imprisoned for “Causing Social Unrest”

Comrade Maruthei Thangavel – Presente!

Comrade Maruthei Thangavel (1954-2021): Departure of a Revolutioner

Comrade Maruthei Thangavel (1954-2021): A Great Loss!

We miss you, Comrade Maruthei Thangavel

Afghanistan, Health Pass and the End of Bourgeois Democracy


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