Revolutionary Liberation No.128

English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), No. 128, December 2021





Martinique & Guadeloupe: Popular Uprising against the COVID Counterrevolution!

Martinique & Guadeloupe: A First Victory against the COVID Counterrevolution!

Austria: Lockdown & Compulsory Vaccinations are Road to Police State & Apartheid

Argentina: Revolutionaries at the Forefront of Women’s Struggles

Vienna: Mass Mobilization against Compulsory COVID-Vaccinations & Lockdowns

Poland/Belarus: Open the Borders for Refugees!

Syria: Rally in Solidarity with the Political Prisoners

Russia: Down with Russian Imperialist Monopoly Price War!

U.S.: On the Kyle Rittenhouse Shooter Case

General Strike in South Korea (20 October 2021)

China’s Superrich Have A Really Good Time!

Sri Lanka: On the Current State of the Teachers’ Struggle

No Tears for a Zionist Soldier Executed by Palestinians

We Can Hear the Drums of a New War in the Middle East!

What is Behind the Ban of Six Palestinians NGOs?

The Growing Isolation of the Zionist Apartheid State

Release All Palestinian Political Prisoners!


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