Revolutionary Liberation No.129

English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), No. 129, January 2022





“Omicron”: A Pretext for Exacerbated Attacks of the COVID Counterrevolution

Cholera not Omicron should be the major concern for Public Health in Nigeria!

Nigeria: COVID Apartheid and the Second Wave of the COVID Counterrevolution

South Africa: The Ruins of Neo-Apartheid

Austria: Government unsuccessfully called for a rally in support of its COVID policy

India: Historic Victory for the “Dilli Chalo” Uprising!

Argentina: Important Mass Demonstration against the IMF

Argentina: Solidarity with Karen Marín and all Fighters against Women’s Oppression

Zionist Meddling in North Africa – Libya and Morocco

Argentina: Successful Public Meeting with Scientists on COVID Policy

Down with the Zionist Warmongers!

Egypt: General Sisi and his French Partner in Crime

Dark Winter could arrive in Britain

Great Power Rivalry: A Remarkable Admission by a leading U.S. General


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