Revolutionary Liberation No.132

English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), No. 132, April 2022





Down with Putin’s Imperialist War against the Ukraine! (24.2.2022)

A new turning point in Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine (25.2.2022)

War Platform for Socialists in Russia and the Ukraine

Argentina: Rally in Protests against Russian Invasion (26.2.2022)

Ukraine War: Join the International Solidarity Campaign – Support the Sunflower Convoy!

Ukraine War: RCIT Leaders Speak at a Public Online Event

Interview with a Kharkiv Socialist about Ukraine

Ukraine: the capture of Berdyansk or the true goals of the Kremlin’s military company

Ukraine War: Dockworkers Boycott Imperialist Russia

Mexico: Internationalist Action Against the War in Ukraine

Dozens of Nazi Groups Support the Invasion of Ukraine

Argentina: Rally in Support of the Ukrainian People (15.3.2022)

Defeat the Russian Invasion with Popular Militias independent from NATO

Racist Zionism and the Ukrainian refugees

Ukraine: No Changes of the Labor Laws during the War!

Ukraine War: Joint Statement by Socialist Organizations (UIT-CI, LIT-CI & RCIT)

ISL: Statement on the Russia-Ukraine War



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