Revolutionary Liberation No. 76 (December 2017)


English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT)




Editorial: Expansion of our Publications
RCIT AFRICA CONGRESS: Prepare for Mass Revolutionary Struggle!
Zimbabwe: The Fall of Mugabe – Victory for the Masses or for the Military-ZANU-PF Alliance?
Zimbabwe: Down with the Military Coup! No to the dynastic Mugabe Regime!
The Coup in Zimbabwe and the Role of Chinese Imperialism
On the 100 Day Anniversary of the Landslide in Sierra Leone: Down with Capitalist Greed and Corrupt Bureaucrats!
Togo: Down with the Gnassingbé Dictatorship!
Zambia for Sale: PF Govt Privatizes State Traffic Agency (RTSA) to KAPSCH-LAMISE…for the next 17 Years!
Zambian Miners Betrayed: KCM ‘Sales’ Workers to Chinese Company, Govt sheds Crocodile Tears!
Stop African Migrants‘ Slavery in Libya!
On the Hamas-PA Reconciliation Treaty
Syria: Counterrevolutionary ISIS/Daesh attacks again the Liberation Forces with the Help of Assad’s Army
Syria: The Russian-Sponsored Conference in Sochi is a Charade!
RCIT at a Public Meeting in Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution
Britain: Sunderland’s 2021 Bid for the “City of Culture” will not benefit the Working Class
RCIT: What We Stand For

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