Revolutionary Liberation No. 79 (March 2018)

English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT)




Six Points for a Platform of Revolutionary Unity Today
Declaration on Fraternal Relations between the Circle “Alkebulan School of Black Studies” (Kenya) and the RCIT
Syria: Turkey’s hidden war against HTS in Idlib
Hundreds Demonstrate in Vienna in Solidarity with East Ghouta p
Syria: Assad’s Massacre in East Ghouta and the Western Hypercritics
Syria: Assad opens once again a Corridor for ISIS/Daesh
Syrian Liberation Fighters Shot Down Russian Warplane – A Small Victory
Israeli Warplane Shot Down over Syria
Occupied Palestine: Break PA Collaboration with Israel!
South Africa: Down with White Puppet Cyril Ramaphosa and the ANC!
Ethiopia: Down with the State of Emergency!
Liberia: ‘Liberated’ But Looted!
Brazil: Presidential Elections 2018 - The electoral process is a fraud!
RCIT: What We Stand For



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